Smosh Games Node Video Game Olympix - Part 1 is the thirty-third installment for the SmoshGames series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on May 10th, 2013 on both and YouTube.


It's a two-part collaboration video with Lan Party. Mixed teams battle in four games: Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Just Dance 4, Halo 4 and Mario Kart 64. (all of them played previously in Game Bang)

Second part of the video can be watched on Node's channel.


  • Super Sausage Fiesta Turbo
    • Sam (captain)
    • Ian
    • Niko
    • Mari
    • Chad
    • Joven
  • Sausage Fiesta
    • Anthony (captain)
    • Flitz
    • Sohinki
    • Freddie
    • Lasercorn
    • Brandon

Round 1 - Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Characters used

  • Brandon - Pikachu
  • Anthony - Luigi
  • Sam - Ike
  • Joven - Ike


  • Anthony defeated first
  • Brandon defeated second

Winner: Super Sausage Fiesta Turbo

Round 2 - Just Dance 4

Mari vs Flitz (Justin Bieber ft. Nicki Minaj - Beauty and a Beat)

  • Mari - 6,746
  • Flitz - 9,883

Chad vs Sohinki (Stevie Wonder - Superstition)

  • Chad - 10,680
  • Sohinki - 11,315

Final results

  • Team Super Sausage Fiesta Turbo - 17,326
  • Team Sausage Fiesta - 21,198

Winner: Sausage Fiesta


  • This is so far the only Game Bang to not include a punishment.
    • Neither did the second part uploaded on Node's channel. There were only prizes for the winners. (Something that never happened in a Game Bang either)
  • Information for part 2 can be found here
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Flitz in a Smosh Games video. Flitz would become a frequent guest in a few shows and even appear in a two-part Game Bang in the future. He eventually became an official member (along with Wes) on October 12, 2014.

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