Smosh Games Madden Rivals was a temporary show that aired on Sunday nights.

The first season on 31st August 2014 and ended on 21st September 2014 Smosh Games vs the Warp Zone will compete alone in the pair. And the winner is David Odom from the Warp Zone.

In the second season on 8 November 2015 and 22 November 2015 Smosh Games partnered with YouTubers on a video game. The competition is a pair of team (1 person Smosh Games and 1 person YouTubers).


Season Ep. Name Length Released
1 1 Let the Tournament Begin 11:25 31 August 2014
2 Intense Turnover Battle 11:57 7 September 2014
3 Smosh Games Fights to Advance 11:53 14 September 2014
4 Final Showdown 9:20 21 September 2014
The Winner is David Odom from the Warp Zone
2 1 Madden Season Is Back! 19:50 8 November 2015
2 Tournament Gets Turnt Up! 22:03 15 November 2015
3 Madden Face-off Finale 16:22 22 November 2015

The Winner is

Try Hards Team ()

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