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June 24, 2014


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Smosh Games Button Bash was a show that aired on Smosh Games every other Tuesday. The series debuted on June 24, 2014, replacing Back Seat Gaming. It is one of the shortest Smosh Games series with only 10 episodes.


In the videos the hosts of Smosh Games play video games with other YouTubers.


# Name Guest(s) Length Released
1 Playing Mortal Kombat with Epic Rap Battles Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist 7:38 June 24, 2014
2 Mega Man X Speed Run with Game Grumps Arin Hanson and Leigh Daniel Avidan 9:48 July 8, 2014
3 Science of Penis-Copters with MatPat of Game Theory Matthew Patrick 11:51 July 22, 2014
4 Prop Hunt Challenge W/ CaptainSparklez Jordan Maron 10:58 August 5, 2014
5 Markiplier Kills Us Markiplier 13:07 August 19, 2014
6 Heads Up w/ Gronkh & Sarazar Erik Range, Valentin Rahmel and Robin Sparklz 14:13 September 2, 2014
7 Seeking Injustice Against Nerdist The Nerdist (Jessica Chobot, Dan Casey, Malik Forté and Kyle Hill) 14:18 September 23, 2014
8 Borderlands Babysitting With Jesse Cox Jesse Cox 11:35 October 7, 2014
9 Rage Filled Eyes With Melonie Mac Melonie Mac 9:42 November 4, 2014
10 Nintendo's Miyamoto Races Us In Mario Kart 8 DLC Shigeru Miyamoto 18:01 January 5, 2015

For the Button Bash playlist on YouTube, click here.

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