Smosh Fighter is a flash game that is while unavailable on, it is available on The goal of the game is to simply play as Ian or Anthony in a 2D fight.


The main ovjective of the game is to fight playing either as Ian or Anthony and to fight the computer character (either Ian or Anthony, depending on who you're playing as.) The player can choose three locations to fight at: a house, a playground, or a carnival.

House Playground  Carnival

            The House                  The Playground                   The Carnival


Note: The directional controls explained here will assume that the player is facing right.

S = Attack 1

D = Attack 2

Down arrow = Crouch

Up arrow = Jump

Left arrow = Move left/block

Right arrow = move right/block

Down arrow + S = Crouch attack 1

Down arrow + D = Crouch attack 2

Left arrow + down arrow = crouch block

Up arrow + S = Jump attack 1

Up arrow + D = Jump attack 2

Left arrow + up arrow = Jump block

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