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Smosh Bros Brawl! is the sixth installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on 2nd November 2012 on both and YouTube.


The gang play 3 rounds of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, with 3 games each (2 three-way duels and a cage match featuring the winners of each duel).


The overall losers of the game would be beaten by the winners with hammers (or in this case, Pillows).

Round 1Edit

Game 1Edit

  • Anthony (Captain Falcon), Ian (Samus) and Sohinki (Ganondorf)

Game 2Edit

  • Mari (Snake), Lasercorn (Meta Knight) and Jovenshire (Link)

Cage MatchEdit

  • Mari and Sohinki
  • Winner: Sohinki

Round 2Edit

Game 1Edit

  • Anthony (Bowser), Lasercorn (Peach) and Sohinki (Olimar)

Game 2Edit

  • Mari (Ike), Ian (Diddy Kong) and Jovenshire (Diddy Kong)

Cage MatchEdit

  • Jovenshire and Sohinki
  • Winner: Sohinki

Final RoundEdit

Game 1Edit

  • Mari (Link), Lasercorn (Fox) and Sohinki (R.O.B.)

Game 2Edit

  • Anthony (Mario), Ian (Falco) and Jovenshire (Fox)

Cage MatchEdit

  • Anthony and Lasercorn
  • Winner: Anthony

Final resultEdit

  • Winners: Anthony (1 win), Sohinki (2 wins)
  • Losers: Ian, Lasercorn, Mari and Jovenshire


  • Smosh Bros. Brawl is the 4th most viewed Game Bang and the 8th most viewed video on Smosh Games, with an estimated 4.9 million views
  • Ian is the only player not to win in any of the matches
    • Even though before they started, he said that he was going to be one of the 3 winners
    • Ian's quote was then followed by a reference to *NSYNC's 2000 song It's Gonna Be Me.
  • For some reason, neither Jovenshire nor Lasercorn picked their usual characters, Ike or Kirby, respectively.
  • The date this episode was uploaded was also coincidentally Mari's 26th birthday.
  • This is the first Game Bang where no member from Smosh Games was in the thumbnail.
  • When naming their choices of characters in the first round, Sohinki states that he (Ganondorf) is "a piece of shit".
    • To which Ian replies "No, Samus is a piece of shit".

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