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Smosh Babies is the twenty-first cartoon to air on Shut Up! Cartoons. The first episode came out on 12 August 2013 and ended on 14 October 2013. The second season came out on 13 January 2014 and ended on 21 March 2014. Season 3 premiered on Friday, 23 January 2015. Season 3 episodes come out every two weeks.
Smosh Babies


Before Ian and Anthony were stupid adults, they were even stupider babies! Follow their adventures every Monday only on Shut Up! Cartoons!

Main BabiesEdit

Baby IanEdit

Baby Ian is the protagonist of the show who is often known as "Bread Head". He has a "romance" with his teddy bear, Miss Hugs-a-Lot, much to the annoyance of his mom.

Baby AnthonyEdit

Ian's best friend. Anthony is often called "Girl Hair" by Penny and in one episode, by Mari, and another, Kalel in Lost in the Toy Aisle.


Hector is one of the 3 deuteragonists of the show and is Mexican and says "man" or "f**kin'" in almost every sentence he says.


Isla is one of the 3 deuteragonists of the show. She has often shown the urge to bite people's heads. She wears a tutu. She scared Ian in her debut in Episode 1.


Singh is one of the 3 deuteragonists, he is Indian and is referred to as the nerd baby by Isla and Ian. He is Hector's adopted brother.

Mrs. ButtzEdit

One of the main antagonists of the series. She owns the daycare and has a dog named Bark-Bark.

Supporting CharactersEdit


Lenny is a three-year-old and a secondary antagonist for not allowing babies in the playground except in episode 3 where he doesn't make an appearance. In season 2, Lenny is more hostile to Ian and Anthony.


Penny is a three-year-old who first appeared from episode 3 who's more the size of the other babies. She was born from the big city. She is a stylish and think highly of herself but she breaks up with Hector and falls in love with Lenny and then loves Baby Tyler Oakley


Jacques is a French baby who is the head of the baby underground. He goes to the daycare regularly but Mrs. Buttz doesn't even notice. He is often seen in the bathroom.


He is one of Lenny's playground bullies


He is also one of Lenny's playground bullies

Cheryl HecoxEdit

She is Ian's mom

Baby LasercornEdit

Appears in The Great Big Wheel Race and The Baby Sitter as one of the judges/commentators

Baby PewdiepieEdit

Baby Pewdiepie is a minor character in Smosh Babies. He is one of the most requested characters for the show. He only appears in Ian's Lost Love .

Baby MariEdit

Her first appearance was in Ian's Lost Love. She apparently helped Anthony after he got urine thrown in his face which indicates that she witnessed what happened at the end of The Rise of the Bread Head. She is quite bitter to Ian and calls him a nerd baby and a "henna gaijin" which is Japanese for "Strange Foreigner". She also appeared as a commentator/judge in The Baby Sitter.

Baby JovenshireEdit

Appears in The Great Big Wheel Race and The Baby Sitter as one of the judges/commentators

Baby SohinkiEdit

Appears in The Great Big Wheel Race and The Baby Sitter as one of the judges/commentators, his appearance and mannerisms portray him as a "stoner" baby

Young StevieEdit

Only known for now being near the end of the last episode of season 1.

That Damn NeighborEdit

Briefly appears in The Big Wheel Race.

Baby Tyler OakleyEdit

Appears at the end of Back to School and in The Water Park. Penny is in love with him, but he doesn't like her. He likes Baby Ian.

Baby Ryan HigaEdit

He apears in The Swimming Lesson as a baby with abs.

Baby KalelEdit

She appears in Lost in the Toy Aisle. She was in love with Baby Anthony. Although she was engaged with Anthony in real life. When Baby Anthony asked Baby Ian if he thinks he'll ever see her again, Baby Ian said, "probably in season three."

Hobo Harley MorensteinEdit

Appeared in Anthony's Sister

Mermaid Jenna MarblesEdit

Appeared in Anthony's Sister

Baby AntoinetteEdit

Appeared in Anthony's Sister


The season 1 ratings were really good because people suggested which people Smosh knew, even though these guest stars don't make regular appearances

Shut Up! OpeningsEdit

After every saying, Ian says, "SHUT UP!" followed by Ian and Anthony saying "Cartoons".

  1. The Rise of the Bread Head: "Hey, where are we going anyway?"
  2. The Great Ice Cream Escape: "No babies on the playground losers!"
  3. The New Girl: "She's new here. Don't let her in your body."
  4. The Birthday Cake: "Can't believe she left me with Lenny."
  5. The Show and Tell Zombie Killers: "It's too late! He ate all their brains."
  6. Potty Training: "Diaper changing is like my favorite time of day, man."
  7. The Tooth Fairy: "You seem to be expelling a blood-like substance."
  8. The Great Big Wheel Race: "He's such an **s-hole but look so cool."
  9. Ian's Lost Love: "I don't date bread-headed dudes."
  10. Anthony Saves His Best Friend: "But, she only likes me for my body."
  11. Back to School: "We are not dating, bitch."
  12. The Water Park: "She said if we weren't babies, we could come along."
  13. The Swimming Lesson: "I'm just filling in for my dad while he's taking a crap in the bathroom."
  14. Lost in the Toy Aisle: "Ha ha, that was f***ing awesome!"
  15. The Baby Sitter: "Did I ever tell you guys about the time that I turned myself into a toy piano?"
  16. Anthony's Sister: Harley: "You want to join my bacon club?" Ian: "What's a bacon club?"
  17. The Cartoon Caper: "I'm not gonna prostitute myself!"
  18. Learning to Read: "You're a f***ing loser and a criminal man!"
  19. The Evil Toilet: "You smell like you brushed your teeth with a toothbrush made of pee."
  20. The Imaginary Friends: "Are you hanging out with a talking shoe and fly swatter, and stealing a car?"
  21. The Great Cookie Jar Heist: "Whoa, you poop nutella now? Can I try some?"
  22. The Mud Pie Contest: "She's stupid and I don't like her at all."
  23. Leprawn James: The Video Game: "Are you holding a human severed head?"
  24. Bark Bark Explodes: "I'm gonna woo mon new beautiful lady brain!"
  25. The Naptime Monster: "Oh God!"


  • In a scene when the camera spins in the trailer, the rest of the background is cut-off so that a strip of black can be visible under it. A similar error exists in many episodes of Do's & Don'ts.
  • This is the second Shut Up! Cartoons series to be created by Smosh; its parent company, after Teleporting Fat Guy.
  • In the trailer, Ian's penis was censored but in the first episode, it was uncensored.
  • This is the second show to have previous 2012 cartoons in the "Thanks For Watching" ending page. The first was the "Bullying" episode of Do's & Don'ts
  • As mentioned in the final episode, Baby Stevie is 6 years old, while most of the characters are 2 to 3 or older.
  • It used to appear on Mondays, but now appears on a Friday for the next half of Season 2.

List of EpisodesEdit

# Season Name Length Released
1 1 The Rise of the Bread Head 4:25 August 12, 2013
2 1 The Great Ice Cream Escape 5:00 August 19, 2013
3 1 The New Girl 4:21 August 26, 2013
4 1 The Birthday Cake 4:34 September 2, 2013
5 1 The Show and Tell Zombie Killers 4:13 September 9, 2013
6 1 Potty Training 4:11 September 16, 2013
7 1 The Tooth Fairy 4:00 September 23, 2013
8 1 The Great Big Wheel Race 5:35 September 30, 2013
9 1 Ian's Lost Love 5:07 October 7, 2013
10 1 Anthony Saves His Best Friend 5:31 October 14, 2013
11 2 Back to School 5:00 January 13, 2014
12 2 The Water Park 4:55 January 20, 2014
13 2 The Swimming Lesson 5:05 January 27, 2014
14 2 Lost in the Toy Aisle 5:14 February 3, 2014
15 2 The Baby Sitter 6:51 February 14, 2014
16 2 Anthony's Sister 5:34 February 21, 2014
17 2 The Cartoon Caper 5:38 February 28, 2014
18 2 Learning to Read 4:23 March 7, 2014
19 2 The Evil Toilet 4:50 March 14, 2014
20 2 The Imaginary Friends 4:44 March 21, 2014
21 3 The Great Cookie Jar Heist 3:37 January 23, 2015
22 3 The Mud Pie Contest 3:34 February 6, 2015
23 3 Leprawn James: The Video Game 3:34 February 20, 2015
24 3 Bark Bark Explodes 3:37 March 6, 2015
25 3 The Naptime Monster 3:28 March 20, 2015

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