This is a list of Smosh's Animated Christmas Specials and the dates they were released:

Season Name


2012 A Smoshy Christmas! December 17, 2012 (Part 1)
December 21, 2012 (Part 2)
2013 The End of Christmas December 13, 2013 (Part 1)
  • This also includes the special that used puppets
  • In late November 2013 to record The End of Christmas with Anthony's new haircut
  • In The End of Christmas, the songs come from the album The Sweet Sound of Smosh
December 20, 2013 (Part 2)
2014 Christmas Apocalypse December 19, 2014 (Part 1)
December 26, 2014 (Part 2)
2015 A Merry Minecraft Christmas! December 25, 2015
  • Broadcast simultaneously on the Smosh channel and ElSmosh channel

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