This was the Current Weekly Lineup of all channels of Smosh on YouTube (Update: January 11, 2016)

Smosh (Main channel)

Day Show / Series
Monday Part Timers
Tuesday Behind the Scenes of Part Timers
Wednesday Every [Blank] Ever (alternating weeks)
Thursday Behind the Scenes of Every [Blank] Ever (alternating weeks)
Friday Regular Smosh Episode
Sunday Behind the Scenes of Regular Smosh Episode

Smosh 2nd Channel

Day Show
Monday Smosh is Bored / Lunchtime with Smosh (one of, at varying frequencies)
Thursday Squad Vlogs
Saturday Put It In My Mouth / Smosh's Seriously Super Stupid Sleepover (alternating weeks)

Smosh Games channel

Day Show
Monday MariCraft
Tuesday Honest Game Trailers
Wednesday Gametime with Smosh Games
Thursday Grand Theft Smosh
Friday Smosh Game Bang
Saturday Cell Outs
Sunday Smosh Games Bonus

Shut Up! Cartoons channel

Day Series
Wednesday ABC Wid Da Mob
Friday Smosh Babies (alternating weeks)

ElSmosh channel

Day Show / Series
Tuesday Every [Blank] Ever (Spanish dubbed)
Wednesday ElSmosh Pit de la Semana (ElSmosh Pit Weekly)
Friday Honest Game Trailers (Spanish dubbed)
Sunday Regular Smosh Episode (Spanish dubbed)

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