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Smosh has 3 videos uploaded called "THAT'S HOT!", "iPhone 5 REVEALED" and "MY TWERKING ADDICTION" which both included videos from different channels. "THE CUTEST CAT EVER!!" is briefly shown in "THAT'S HOT!", "My Dumb Son's Birthday" is shown in "iPhone 5 REVEALED" and "Twerk Out - Anthony and the Twerkettes" is shown in "MY TWERKING ADDICTION." This page tells you about these additional channels and the current statistics and channel info (all statistics and info are all as of September 21, 2013).


This channel features a video titled "My Dumb Son's Birthday" that is also briefly shown in the smosh video titled "iPhone 5 REVEALED." This channel currently has 9,827 subscribers and 462,306 total video views.


This channel features a video where Ian acts like a cat. The video is titled "THE CUTEST CAT EVER!" and is featured in the Smosh video "THAT'S HOT!" This channel has 42,866 subscribers, and 1,298,346 total video views.


This channel features a video of Anthony and his twerk team twerking. The video is titled "Twerk Out - Anthony and the Twerkettes" and is featured in the Smosh video "MY TWERKING ADDICTION." The channel has 5,616 subscribers and 313,703 total video views.

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