Smash Rap
Smash Rap


January 16, 2015 (Smosh)
January 18, 2015 (El Smosh)

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Mega Man, Mario, Zero Suit Samus, Villager, Zelda, Peach, Wii Fit Trainer, Luigi, Ness, Mr. Game and Watch, Toon Link, Fox, Charizard, Jigglypuff

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Smash Rap is a Smosh music video uploaded on January 16, 2015.



Zelda: We start the party out best of friends,

and you think the fun never ends.

We used to be tight like brothers,

by the end you wanna murder each other.

Mega Man: Remind me again, what the hell's your name?

No one put "Samus" in the title of your game.

Nice skin tight suit, where is your pole?

Might make more dough without a camel toe!

Blonde hair and blue eyes don't distract from your true size.

Like Iggy Iz without skills or class.

You'll never be a rapper with a flat-ass ass!

Zero Suit Samus: My ass may be flat, but don't get caught up on that!

You need an outfit switch, bitch, you're looking nerdy and fat.

I'm feeling sexually harassed, by the brown streak on your ass!

Blast your ass back to the 80's, when you were relevant last!

Mega Man: (Haha!) No one's gonna admit but it's plain to see.

You only got in the game 'cause you give the best down-B.

Your fighting's week, and your moves are s**t.

Players only choose you to stare at your tits.

This ain't a beauty pageant, ain't playing with dolls.

It's about time to taste these Mega Man balls!

Zelda: (Chorus)

Mega Man: Look at your cute face, man, I can't fight you.

Your game's stupid simple, only little kids like you.

How can I fight someone I just wanna hug?

Now run along, kid and go catch a bug.

Villager: Let's get this over quick, I'm dirty, need a bath.

Filled with all your blood, after I murder your ass.

I'll start at the top, I hear the scalps taste nice.

Don't worry, blue eyes, I'll just try a little slice!

Then after your head, down to your fingers!

Gobble them up, don't worry I won't linger!

Using my scissors on your scrotum and balls!

Snip, snippety, snip until a blood river falls!

I love the fresh smell of blood on the grass!

Can't run away, because I'm way too fast!

I'll light you on fire and drench you in gas!

I'll take a rusty knife, and shove it deep inside your ass!

Mario: I'm the king, this is my kingdom, so show respect!

'Cause you look to me like some stupid Tron reject!

Oops, I leaked a video to TMZ last night,

of you making love to your arm cannon fleshlight!

Mega Man: Look up "sell out" in the dictionary, and see Mario!

Got your face on everything just like a NINTEND-HO!

Keep copies of your game in the bathroom for when I need to wipe.

Peach always gets kidnapped because you're too busy plumbing Luigi's pipe!

Mario: You try to roll hard like your name is Donkey Kong,

But through your girly-ass tights, we can see your tiny dong!'

We've been fighting for years, don't need another player!

Go run along with Sega and be another failure!

Mega Man: You're a pedo-stached, preening pussy, plumbing f**king prick!

On the roster, your the reject that no one ever picks!

It ain't my fault you're always losing your chick,

Sorry, your princess is in another castle, suckin' my d**k!

Zelda: (Chorus 2x)


  • This is the fourth song to be released before the video. First three being Cute Furry Kittens, Meat in Your Mouth and Pimps of Prom.
  • The actress (Jackie Goehner) who did Zelda in the music video is the same person who did her in The Legend of Zelda Rap. She finally made a comeback as Zelda since 2011.
  • This is the first time that Jigglypuff was played by a different person apart from Kalel.
  • The letter "O" in the word "Bros" in the beginning is replaced with the Smosh sign.
  • The Villager's disturbed lyrics is a reference to the fans reaction to the character's reveal where the fans mocked his role as a fighter with his harmless appearance and turned the character into a temporary meme.
  • If you listen closely to the announcer when Mega Man defeats the villager he doesn't say "Villager defeated" it sounds more like "little killer defeated".
  • When at mario's part "your name is Donkey Kong" you will see a small donkey kong at the left of the screen.
  • The person who is playing as Ness could be Phuong.


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