Shayne Topp

Full Name:

Shayne Robert Topp


September 14, 1991 (age 26)




5' 8’’ (1.73 m.)









Shayne Robert Topp (born September 14, 1991) is an American actor and regular Smosh cast member. He is also the announcer for Smosh's game show, You Posted That? and the main co-star of The Damien and Shayne Show on Smosh Games. He made his first appearance in the Smosh Summer Games as part of the race committee. He made his first Friday episode appearance in EVERY SNAPCHAT EVER. In Hand Bomb, when he was introduced into the Smosh family, it was revealed he was an actor from Disney's So Random! where he played recurring character Shayne Zabo and a bird-man in one episode. Outside of Smosh, he has played one-appearance roles in various Nickelodeon shows. More recently, he has gained a recurring role on the television show, The Goldbergs.

TV Series

  • Switched at Birth, season 4, episode 3 "I Lock the Door Upon Myself" - Taylor Halsted
  • iCarly, episode "iMight Switch Schools" - Philip Brownley
  • Sam and Cat, episode "#StuckInABox" - Vance Anderson
  • Fred: The Show, episode "The Expired Cow" - Steve the Talking Cookie
  • Love Bites, episode "Too Much Information" - Ian
  • So Random! - Shayne Zabo
  • AwesomenessTV, sketch "Swag Master J: Swagify for School" - Various
  • Henry Danger, episode "Captain Jerk" - Dennis
  • The Goldbergs, - Matt Bradley (right)
    Shayne Topp

    Shayne on set as "Matt Bradley", a recurring character on The Goldbergs.

Movies/Short Films

  • "A Sort Of Homecoming" - Dylan Conti (which also starred Laura Marano)
  • "Moonpie" - John Paul
  • "All Kids Count" - Cory
  • "First" - Rick
  • "Dear Lemon Lima" - Phillip Gregory
  • "Hi, Lillian" - Dylan
  • "Re-Writes"
  • "Boys On Film 14: Worlds Collide", segment "The Violation" - Oscar Heim


  • "Astrid Clover" - Cop with Taser (made by Allisyn Ashley Arm, former So Random! co-star)
  • "What's Next for Sarah?", episode 2 - Chad (made by Jennette McCurdy)
  • YouTubers React to Make-A-Wish (Wishes to children with life-threatening illnesses) (with cast member Courtney Miller)
    Shayne Topp (8th Grade)

    Young Shayne

Facts about Shayne

  • Shayne won the Jury Prize at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival for his performance in "Dear Lemon Lima".
  • He was also nominated at the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards for the "Exciting New Face - Male" award for his performance in the same film.
  • Shayne voiced the Zucchini during the Food Battle X voting.
  • It's highly suggested that in 'DARK SOULS IMPOSSIBLE STRUGGLE', he plays the Dark Souls series, as Shayne said his own character was a lot higher when he faced the Crystal Lizard.
  • Commonly regarded by fans as one of the most attractive guys on Smosh, next to Anthony and now being the most attractive since Anthony's departure. He even got accidentally called "babe" by Courtney during a Smosh Games Alliance Live stream.
  • Shayne had actually drowned when he was 18 months old, but was revived by his mother. Because he was bobbing up and down in the pool water, Shayne's dad actually called him, "Shayne Bobber."
  • Before Smosh, he knew Noah Grossman, (fellow squad member) as they both went to the Laura Marano's mom's (ie. Ellen Marano's) acting class.
  • As he couldn't find much work in Los Angeles, he was about to move away but was convinced by Noah to stay and do the Smosh audition.
  • He had the Smosh audition on the same day as Courtney.
  • He has proven many times to be excellent at impersonations and accents. He gains particular praise for his Christopher Walken, Tom Cruise, Chris Hemsworth, Nicholas Cage and Michael Caine impressions.
  • He, along with many other members of Smosh, is a Game of Thrones fan.
  • One of Shayne's favorite TV shows is "Once Upon A Time". He said "I really like the story of the show, it makes me feel like I am in the scene which is important to me."
  • Shayne lived in Woodbridge, Virginia for 4 years of his childhood, with his mother and older half-brothers.
  • Shayne and Smosh Games member Damien Haas both acted together on So Random! and are good friends. In the BTS video, BEST POKEMON ATTACKS, it's suggested that they are best friends since primary or middle school. Also, in one of Smosh Games Livestreams, MONOPOLY RUINS OUR FRIENDSHIP, it is said that these two were roommates in the past.
  • In DAMIEN & SHAYNE TRAPPED IN NIGHTMARE SKYRIM and while roommates with Damien, Shayne accidentally broke a PS3 controller in half from playing Skyrim and didn't tell Damien.
  • Many fans want to see Courtney Miller and him in a relationship. They are shipped by a lot by fans, being referred to as "Shourtney/Shartney" even by Smosh itself. They are the most shipped couple on Smosh.
    • In a recent video he and Courtney actually had their first on-screen kiss in a video of The Big What If “What If Smoking Ruined Iconic Movie Moments”.
  • Among the past and present Smosh and Smosh Squad, he has only kissed Anthony, Noah, and Courtney on screen.
  • His fandom (similar to Courtney's "Butt Cheek Valley) is referred to as "Daddy needs his juice/juse" which has a different meaning to it.
  • He hates cheese.
  • Shayne has a paternal German ancestry.
  • The worst drink he ever tasted was the Ranch dressing Soda from an episode of "Put In My Mouth".
  • His favorite Pringles flavor is BBQ Pringle; he stated this in the Pringles taste test episode of "Put It In My Mouth".
  • He once took over the Smosh and Smosh Game's Instagram account and announced himself as "King of Smosh." (it lasted for a day)
  • Many find him as the funniest member of Smosh.
  • He likes Harry Potter.
    • He pronounces his name as "Harry Poter".
  • Shayne's more muscular figure has been joked about by both fans and other members of the Smosh Squad. Courtney has noted that he has frog arms because he can't straighten them completely, and in the first Smosh Roast on The Show with No Name someone said he looks like an employee at GNC (a chain specializing in workout supplements).
  • Shayne is allergic to peanut butter
    • As a prank, Matt Raub hid a pin inside a box full of peanut butter for Shayne to find as a Christmas gift.
  • His favorite roasts are ones relating to him being an inanimate object, notable when Noah said he “looks like if an acoustic guitar was a human”
  • In a year ending (2017) video update in Smosh channel he confirmed that he was in a relationship which ended in the middle of 2017 (June/July) just before starting of the Smosh Summer Games.
  • He played a character named "Courtney Freaking Miller" in many Smosh videos to make fun of his co-worker Courtney Miller.