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Dane Shawson





Youtube Channel




Hates as rivals

Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox

Portrayed By

Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson (Born 19 July 1988) is a popular YouTube Comedian that has done a few episodes with Smosh. Shane Dawson plays as him as a guest star in Bigfoot is Gay as Dane Shawson. He appeared in the horror film, Smiley. Along with Smosh, he guest stars in the react series by TheFineBrothers. (along with other popular YouTubers.)

As Dane Shawson

Dane is a greedy, extravagant, and selfish hunter and Ian's rival. Dane appears as the main antagonist of "Bigfoot is Gay". Like Ian and Anthony, he tried to hunt down Bigfoot by himself and take the $5000 reward for himself. He and his partner soon team up with the two, supposedly wanting to capture Bigfoot together and split the reward. Later, Dane betrays the two and sprays them with knockout gas. He tries to disguise them as Bigfoot's children to get a bigger award. When Ian calls bats to attack him, Dane accidentally shoots a tranquilizer dart at Bigfoot, who is revaled to be Dane's partner. Ian and Anthony learn that Dane staged the broadcast from the news and he was behind everything to earn the reward. He explains that he doesn't have a house or car and threatens to kill the two out of revenge of ruining his plan. The real Bigfoot then shows up and punches him, knocking him unconscious. Anthony, Ian and Bigfoot leave Dane in the forest later.


  • The name "Dane Shawson" is obviously made by switching the letters "Shane Dawson" with a "D" and "Sh".
  • Dane's sidekick is the actor who plays Teleporting Fat Guy.
  • Despite speculation from YouTube viewers, Shane Dawson is not gay. He is bisexual.

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