Seymour Tantz (a.k.a Genius Leader) is a character portrayed by Ian Hecox.


Genius Leader

The Character

Seymour first appeared in SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME! as one of the two geniuses in SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME! Along with Brody, Seymour attempted to locate, and destroy Siri after she went rogue. He was the only one to survive between him and Brody.

Seymour is first shown revealing a company secret to a customer when his phone emits a siren sound, showing him a Siri went rogue, and he yells to the geniuses in the store to help with the "code red", showing that he is the genius team leader. He may also be in direct contact with Steve Jobs, as he says Steve warned them that a Siri could go rogue.

Seymour is shown to be somewhat impatient and passionate about his job and the customers.

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