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Sexy Album

Album cover

Sexy Album is the debut Smosh album that is available on iTunes. The album is a collection of songs that can be found in their main videos as well as new songs. It was released on December 15, 2010.


  1. "Renaissance Love"
  3. "Pokemon Theme Song Revenge"
  4. "Hardcore Max"
  5. "Transformers Rap"
  6. "Cute Furry Kittens"
  7. "My Fanny Pack"
  8. "Teleporting Fat Guy"
  9. "Boxman"
  10. "Milky Milkshake"
  11. "Hawking's Gonna Drop a Phat Remix"
  12. "Milky Milkshake (Hawking Remix)"
  13. "Predicate Rap"
  14. "Vader is My Friend"
  15. "Boxman's Christmas (Holiday Bonus)"
  16. "Christmas with Billy (Holiday Bonus)"
  17. "Bow to the Unicorns"

Renaissance Love

Renaissance Love is a track that serves as the intro to the album. In this track, William (voiced by Anthony) is professing his love for Guinevere (voiced by Ian). William tells Guinevere to "forget [their] families" and to run away together. As they do this, a "strange apparition in the sky" appears, with William and Guinevere confused what it was. It wasn't long until laser blasts are heard and William runs away, leaving Guinevere behind. However, William ends up screaming, "AAAAAAHHHHHH! MY F***IN' FACE! MY F***IN' FACE IS MELTING!!!" while Guinevere screams, "NO NO WILLIAM! WILLIAM! SOMEONE HELP!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!!!!"

• This track is pretty similar to the start of a level of a game called "Elite Beat Agents", mostly the end when Gwennivere (Ian) screams for help. It is even more similar, as this game is a rythme game where special agents are trying to help people by singing. This track might be a reference to that game.

Bow to the Unicorns

Bow to the Unicorns is a track that serves as the outro to the album. All there is to the track is guitar music while a voice screams, "Bow, bow to us, bow to us, the Unicorns." This goes on twice until the Smosh signature "SHUT UP!" is heard.


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