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September 10, 2010

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Ian, Anthony, Otto, April, sommelier, hot girls, clown

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SELLING OUT?! is a Smosh video uploaded on September 10, 2010. In this episode, Ian and Anthony are asked to advertise Butterfinger Snackerz, but the two agents are not letting them have their way.


Ian and Anthony are driving in the car when Ian asks why there are a bunch of kids' clothes in the backseat. Anthony tells Ian that he is going to drop his old clothes off at the "charity donation thing" after their meeting. Anthony sees that Ian is sweating and asks why. Ian says that he always gets nervous whenever they go to the video sponsorship meetings. When they park their car and get out, Ian realizes that his shirt is very sweaty.

In the meeting office, two agents, Otto Closet and April, greet Anthony as he enters. They were going to tell him that Butterfinger contacted them when Ian comes in wearing a very small shirt. Ian sits down to let them continue. The agents tell them that Butterfinger contacted them and told them that they want Ian and Anthony to make a video to advertise Butterfinger Snackerz. Otto asks them for ideas.

Anthony suggests that the video starts with him and Ian sitting at a park, where Anthony asks Ian to try the new snack. Otto likes it and April says that it's almost perfect. Otto tells them that Butterfinger wants them to add a sommelier, which Ian mistakenly says that it's going to be difficult finding a Somalian (citizen of Somalia, a country in Africa). The new video now has a sommelier give the candy to Ian and Anthony and describe the taste in a poetic style. April also suggests that they need the video to appeal to men. The video now has Ian surrounded by hot girls.

However, Anthony tells them that it's just not "them." Otto says that it's fine, but Anthony remarks that it isn't funny, so Otto suggests that they include a clown. Ian says that clowns are scary but Otto says that everybody loves clowns, only for April to agree with Ian, which causes Otto to say, "I say there's clowns, SO THERE'S GOING TO BE CLOWNS!" The new video is just like before, but a clown now appears next to Anthony. Ian asks, "Wait, isn't this supposed to be OUR video?" only for Otto to say "Shut up!" and add that the clown has a kazoo.

The sommelier gives more poetic descriptions of the snack's taste when April suggests that Anthony needs hot girls too. Otto says that they need to show that they're eco-friendly, so a tree appears next to the boys. April says that Anthony doesn't look edgy enough (which turns Anthony into an emo) and Otto says that Ian doesn't look hot enough (which turns Ian into a hot guy). April then says that Ian and Anthony need to be petting cute puppies, while Otto adds that the puppies need to be "blinged out puppies." Otto says that it's perfect and asks what Ian and Anthony think.

Ian and Anthony are now driving home, annoyed that they actually agreed to do the video the way the agents want them to do it. Ian agrees and says that "clowns are frickin scary." Anthony agrees and says "I hate clowns." At a house, a clown was watching a Smosh video (presumably this one) and says, "Fine! I don't like you either! Unsubscribe!" He then clicks the mouse, unsubscribing to Smosh.

A message then shows:

Dedicated to

  • Anyone who has called us sellouts
  • Clowns
  • You


  • This video was actually the result of many fans claiming Smosh was selling out around this time because of multiple ads being in their videos. (For example, in 5 Ways to Get a Girl, there is a subtle ad for Speed Stick deodorant, which many fans called them out on)
  • Oddly, the year after this video, Smosh was contracted by Alloy Digital.
  • April, one of the girls who auditioned for the spot of Smosh Pit Weekly host and the girl who played the robot slave in HOT ROBOT SLAVE, appears in this video as the female agent to the right of Otto
  • Otto Closet (the male agent) appears again in First Person Shooters Suck! and its sequel: Motion Gaming Sucks!
  • The video the clown is watching when he unsubscribes to Smosh is entitled "FIRETRUCK!" even though he's watching this video.
    • Interesting enough, Ian and Anthony are listening to the FIRETRUCK! song on the way to the meeting in the beginning of the video.
  • The clown appears to right-click when he unsubscribes.

Shut Up! Opening

"You're making a living doing what you love? I hate you-SHUT UP!"



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