Secret Party


March 14, 2014





Characters Featured:

Party memebers

Previous Episode:

Guy vs. Dead Guy

Next Episode:

Worst Wedding Ever

Secret Party is the tenth episode of Part Timers. It was released March 14, 2016.


Ella helps Anton with his fancy gala party by posting an invite on Craigslist. However, Ella inadvertently posts an ad that reads as if they are hosting a party of a highly sexual nature.  

The expectant guests unknowingly donate a large sum of money to the cause, causing the staff to decide to keep the guests away from each other and the blunder unknown to the gala guests. Mads and Pete try to keep people from entering the shocking party. Ian, however, is thrilled with it and his exclamations can be heard from outside. The main character of the taboo party eventually comes out to the gala and spoils the crew's carefully-crafted deception. 

A side plot consists of Mads losing her purse, which has her car keys, and Pete trying to get it back. After it seems it is lost in the area where the "side party" is going on, or possibly stolen by one of the guests, she finds it in her car and tells Pete she does not need a ride home, and they share an awkward, yet endearing moment.  

Anton later goes in to see what is going on and comes out traumatized. 

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