Video Date

Release Date
Scream "Breaking the Habit" January 16, 2009
Hardcore Max 2 "Hardcore Max 2 February 1, 2009
ImagesCAF9KMW8 "Ian's First Girlfriend" February 21, 2009
That Damn Prison Break "That Damn Prison Break" March 6, 2009
Unitarded "Unitarded" March 20, 2009
LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)02:09

LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)

"LeVar Burton Buys Smosh (April Fools)" April 1, 2009
L 93ccb641292a4e118ca100d15ce95f6e "Anthony's Death" April 10, 2009
Alien "Anthony's Resurrection" April 17, 2009
Mexican "Anthony is Mexican" May 1, 2009
Grammar Police "Grammar Police" May 15, 2009
I Heart Burgers "I Heart Burgers" June 3, 2009
A Very Hairy Situation /w Billy Mays "A Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays" June 12, 2009
A Very Hairy Situation With Billy Mays "A Very Hairy Situation w/ Billy Mays" June 19, 2009
Washington's First Vlog "Washington's First Video Blog" July 3, 2009
Bring It On Chode-Knocker "Food Battle 2009" July 17, 2009
Race "The Ultimate Shoedown" August 7, 2009
Bigfoot is Gay "Bigfoot is Gay" August 21, 2009
If Movies Were Real "If Movies Were Real" September 4, 2009
Four Years Foreplay "Four Years Foreplay" September 18, 2009
Twilight deleted scenes 1 "Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 1" October 2, 2009
Twilight Deleted Scenes 2 "Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 2" October 9, 2009
Twilight Deleted Scenes 3 "Twilight: New Moon Deleted Scenes 3" October 16, 2009
Mighty Smoshin Power Rangers "Mighty Smoshin POWER RANGERS" October 30, 2009
Kid Craps Himself in Drift Car! "Kid Craps Himself in Drift Car!" November 13, 2009
Pizza "Pizza Zombies!" November 20, 2009
X-mas PORN on Santa's Computer02:43

X-mas PORN on Santa's Computer

"X-Mas: PORN on Santa's Computer" December 4, 2009
X-Mas Osama's First Christmas "X-Mas: Osama's First Christmas" December 11, 2009
X-Mas Santa Gets Down "X-Mas: Santa Gets Down" December 18, 2009
Best of 09 "Best of Smosh 2009" December 28, 2009

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