Season 2003 is the technical first season of Smosh and refers to the flash animations submitted to Newgrounds by Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. At this time, the name Smosh meant the website and not the comedy duo or YouTube franchise.


Name Submission Date
Cops May 4, 2003
Sierra Pist May 7, 2003
The Most Boring Day Ever May 16, 2003
Wheelchair Boy May 26, 2003
Life's Lessons 1-5 May 28, 2003
The Dump July 13, 2003
Elderly Driving Mayhem! September 26, 2003
Day of Revenge October 10, 2003


  • Anthony was 15 years old for all the videos except the last two, while Ian was 15 for all of them.
  • Day of Revenge recieved daily 2nd place the day after submission.
  • Wheelchair Boy and Elderly Driving Mayhem! are the only two videos by Ian.
  • Despite this being the first season of Smosh, Anthony and Ian only featured in one video together.