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September 20, 2013 (Smosh)
September 22, 2013 (El Smosh)

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Maxwell, old lady, Ryan Todd, Anthony Padilla, herpes guy, Paulie

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Scribblenauts in Real Life is a Smosh video about Ian being a scribblenaut in real life, uploaded and published on September 20, 2013.


Scribblenauts is a lot less family-friendly when it comes to life!



Maxwell is excited to help people with fun puzzles.

Objective: Get Cat Out of Tree

By a tree, an old lady (Anthony) crying which Maxwell asked what was wrong. The old lady said that her problem being a cat stuck on a tree. Max uses a regular Nintendo DS and types "LADDER" which will summon him that to climb on and get the cat. He gives the cat to the lady which she thanked for. Max asked if he made it purr-fect asking if she got it which she didn't. Maxwell creates rocket-powered roller skates to skate away. The lady tripped on the ladder and drops the cat while sarcastically thanking him and calling him a "Butt-hole surfer".

Objective: Stop The Walking Dead Spoilers

Somewhere else in the park, Ryan, aka the spoiler bitch, gives spoilers to Anthony, aka the hypocritical douchebag. All of the sudden, Maxwell came for help which the angry man wanted Ryan to stop spoiling The Walking Dead. Maxwell doesn't want the guy to give out spoilers since he's only half way through the second season which Ryan didn't care thinking it was Maxwell's fault for only getting that far and still spoils the TV series. Maxwell types in "HOMERUN BAT" and selects the Smash Bros. type to swing the bat at him offscreen. The narrator even said, "SPOILER BITCH DEFEATED!" Anthony thanked Maxwell for that even saying he hates people who spoil entertainment. He even gave a spoiler to Maxwell about The Sixth Sense when his mother watched it. Maxwell didn't like that since he hasn't seen the movie. Anthony understand since the movie was at least fifteen years old, but Maxwell still hits him with the Homerun Bat and sends the guy offscreen. The narrator even said, "HYPOCRITICAL DOUCHEBAG DEFEATED!"

Objective: Help the "Special" Kid

As Maxwell turned around, he spots Paulie from Magic Wipes who wants a balloon. However, Maxwell doesn't know how to spell "balloon" which Paulie tries to give him tips how it's spelled; but Maxwell denies and thinks that he's the expert speller. He tries to spell "balloon" correctly, but thought of random words that don't spell it correctly. Max asked if Paulie wanted something else, he now asked for a pirate ship. However, Maxwell thought he said, "pile of s**t" and typed it in. Paulie tried to correct him, but got squashed by the s**t. Maxwell then just ran away after notice.

Objective: Help this Man with His Herpes

By the water fountain, Maxwell tries to help an afro guy (Anthony), but is revealed to have herpes. Maxwell got surprised after seeing it and doesn't want to be touched by his face. The guy wanted to know what was wrong with it. Maxwell said that he has herpes, but the guy thinks they're cold sores and not herpes saying that it isn't that big of a deal. Even the objective said that he has herpes which the guy disagreed saying they're cold sores. Maxwell thinks it's okay since his ex-girlfriend had the same thing and types in "HERPES CREAM". The container appeared on the guy's hand which he felt insulted thinking that seventy percent of Americans have cold sores. Maxwell thinks that cold sores is a nice way of saying herpes, the guy tries to chase Maxwell to give him herpes.

Maxwell tries to run away, but trips on the ladder from before and the lady's cat. Maxwell apologizes and tries to offer the guy a present to make it up to him. The guy wanted to know what was in it and hope it wasn't his wife's head like in the Brad Pitt movie Seven. Maxwell thought of this as a spoiler which he didn't see it and hits the guy offscreen with a homerun bat. The narrator even said, "HERPES GUY DEFEATED!" The guy even tells the narrator that they're cold sores calling him a "Butt-hole surfer".


Scribblenauts in Real Life/Script



  • The Shut Up! opening is longer than usual.
  • This is the 6th video of Smosh's "(video game title) In Real Life" series, after the numerous POKEMON IN REAL LIFE! episodes and Zelda in Real Life!.
  • This is Maxwell ("Max")'s second appearance, the first was a deleted scene in If Video Games Were Real. In this video, he's using a DS to type and wearing something similar to his in-game sprite. Though his first appearance, he was completely different and writing on paper instead of a DS.
  • Following 4 days after this video, Scribblenauts Unmasked was released. It may be coincidental or not that this video was made to promote the game.
  • The Homerun Bat originated in the Mother series.
    • The Home-Run Bat is spelled with a hyphen, Maxwell spelled it without the hyphen.
  • In the description of the video, one part reads that the Smosh Store released 10 New Shirts; including a Food Battle 2013 one, and free shipping for orders over $50 through 9/24. This offer appears as a pop-up ad if the video is being watched on
  • The old lady's cat is the same cat puppet from Retarded Cats: The Movie and Food Battle 2012.
    • The old lady, played by Anthony, is wearing the DMV Lady's wig.
  • Ryan Todd, who plays Stevie, plays the Annoying Guy (aka "Spoiler Bitch") who spoils The Walking Dead.
  • Paulie reappears after Magic Wipes, so he may become a recurring background or minor character in later videos.
  • Max tries spelling "balloon", with different misspelled versions like "bananarama" and "ball sack".
  • "Bananarama" is likely to be a reference to Stop Copying Me!.
  • "Roller Skates" are actually two words, while Maxwell spells them as one whole word.
  • The Sixth Sense was 14 years old at the time, not 15 the only way it could be 15 yrs old at the time is if it were to be released in 1998 but it was released in 1999 making it 14 yrs ago at the time.
  • The description of this video advertises the release of the second Smosh Magazine issue.
  • "Cold Sore" Guy's shirt reads: "Being Awesome! Misson Accomplished!"
  • There is a band named the Butthole Surfers.
  • Maxwell misspelled, "cream" as c-r-e-m-e.
  • The multi-language key on the keyboard is denoted 'åß', an 'a with ring' in Scandinavian languages and 'sharp s' in German. 'ß' is also written SS, which makes 'åß' read 'ass'. The pronunciation, however, will be 'orse', suggesting that 'åß' coining 'ass' might be a coincidence.
  • This episode has several running gags.
    • Butt-hole surfer being used as an insult.
    • Maxwell getting angry whenever he hears a spoiler and he retaliates by hitting people with his Smash Bros. Homerun Bat.
    • Maxwell misspelling "balloon".
    • The afro guy's condition being called "herpes" and he correcting them that they're cold sores.

Shut Up! Opening

You can write any word and it'll appear? WHOAH! SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

Click the subscribe button to get a pirate ship! (pile of s**t appears) No no, I said a pirate sh-ahh, f**k it!



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