Santa is Real!
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December 22, 2007

Cast: Ian Hecox Alma Crabbe Richard Gorfilla Anthony padilla






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Santa is Real! is a Smosh video uploaded on December 22, 2007.


The oven beeps and Stephen opens it up and takes out his cookies. He licks them, even though they came right out of the oven. His father walks up behind him and asks what they are for. Stephen replies, "I'm making them for Santa, Daddy!". Fed up, Stephen's dad tells him that Santa isn't real, but Stephen refuses to accept it. He says, "He is, too, real! And I'll prove it to you. Tonight, I'm gonna stay up and catch him." His dad walks off angrily, reminding him that when he tried to catch the Easter Bunny, he failed.

Later that night, a robber breaks into the house. He shines his light on the family's Christmas tree and says, "Jackpot," but Stephen catches him and says, "Got'cha, Santa Claus!". The robber is confused to why Stephen believes that he's Santa, but accepts it, as it gives him an opportunity to rob the family without question. Stephen, full of excitement, asks Santa to eat the cookies he made for him, but when the burglar says he's not very hungry, Stephen starts crying, so the burglar decides to eat one to quiet him down. He makes a disgusted face after eating one bite, but tells Stephen that they're great. He then steals a VHS tape of Free Willy and stuff out of their drawers. Stephen decides to help and looks for other stuff to steal, but accidentally hits the burglar in the head with a tall lamp. After getting hit 4 times, the burglar says he doesn't want help anymore. Stephen's dad wakes up and calls to Stephen if he's still awake. He walks into the room and he asks why there's a big mess. Stephen gleefully responds that it's because Santa is there and he cheers. Stephen's father just goes back to bed and says to his wife (played by Cheryl Hecox) that they need to increase Stephen's medication.

The robber tells Stephen that he can't stay any longer, and takes a few more presents from under the Christmas tree. Stephen asks for his present, and the burglar gives him a wig from inside his bag. Stephen's parents wake up just as the burglar drives away. Stephen's father gets angry, knowing he was the same guy that robbed them on Easter. But Stephen claims that he was the Easter Bunny and he tells his dad to look as he pulls out a photo of the same guy. Even though the photo is evidence that he's wrong, Stephen happily believes he corrected his dad. Stephen leaves and his dad says to his wife, "I knew we should have left him at the Grand Canyon."


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  • This is Stephen's first and only appearance. It is also the last episode of Smosh's 2007 Season.
  • Even though the narrator said, "Later that night," the captions read, "Later That Evening."
  • The purple "flute" is seen in an earlier video called "Three Wishes."
  • Stephen's mom is played by Ian's real mom, who is also named Cheryl.
  • Ian's real dad is also named Stephen. As revealed in the Lunchtime with Smosh episode, Lunchtime w/ Our Dads!.
  • The "Shut Up!" opening in this video is different from the other Smosh videos.

Shut Up! Opening

"Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christm-- SHUT UP!"



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