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Salty Balls
Salty Balls


September 3, 2012

Views (Approximate):



Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Gary, Larry, Bennie, Matt, Johnny, Ryan

Previous Video:

Pretentious Assholes

Next Video:

They Can't Be Killed

Salty Balls is the ninth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was uploaded on September 3, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: Dr. Hollingsworth deals with a new assistant all while narrating another episode.



A school of fish is swimming.

Skit 1: Matt and Bennie (Anglerfish)Edit

Skit 2: Ryan and Johnny (Cockroaches)Edit

Shut Up! OpeningEdit

I drink rain.....cause' it's free.

Sponsered ByEdit

The Marine Mammal Anti-Tattoo Awareness Foundation: Who wants you to leave the dolphins free to roam; Don't make your butt their permanent home.


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