Dolls short

Sally and Emily

Sally and Emily are Anthony's two dolls from the 2006 video Smosh Short 1: Dolls. They make their comeback in the recreation of Dolls, Dolls: 10 Years Later. They are only dolls that are given names and have any speaking parts. They are voiced by Anthony Padilla.


In the BTS of the recreation Anthony says that the Sally and Emily clones are McDonald's Happy Meal toys from 1992 whenever he's taking them out of their package. This could mean that the orginal Sally and Emily were Ian or Anthony's toys that they had, had since they were kids, since Ian and Anthony would have been five in 1992. This though, is only theory, since neither of them know exactly where the first Sally and Emily came from or why either of them had them.


Sally and Emily both look to be Cabbage Patch dolls. Sally is a girl that has brown hair and wears a pink dress. Emily is also a girl that has blonde hair and wears a purple and white tutu. They both seem to be attracted to each other as they start making out before Ian walks in.


  • The fate of the first Sally and Emily dolls is unknown.

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