"There's no way I'm sitting on that toilet without a seat cover. Ewwww.. SHUT UP!"
Stuck in a toilet


April 20, 2012 (Smosh)
April 22, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla

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STUCK IN A TOILET! is a Smosh video uploaded on April 20, 2012. While on the road, Ian stops at a porta-potty so Anthony can go. But when Anthony finds out that the door can't be opened from the inside, Anthony gets stuck. Meanwhile, Ian is in the car learning German through a CD, unaware that Anthony's trapped.


Ian and Anthony are in the car when Anthony asks what Ian thinks of his "Awesome Shirt." Ian says that Anthony's shirt looks like "Scheiße." Anthony is confused, so Ian tells him that he's trying to learn German, which has Anthony accuse him of preparing for Nazi Zombies, in which Ian defensively denies. Anthony asks Ian to pull over to the next bathroom. Ian tells Anthony to use a bottle, but Anthony points out that all the ones he has are full. Ian gives up and pulls over to the nearest porta-potty. As soon as Anthony leaves, Ian puts on an German audio learning tool on his iPod.

Anthony walks over to the porta-potty when he reads the sign that says that the door can't be opened from the inside if it closes. Anthony finds the nearest rock and uses that rock as a door stop before he starts to pee. Meanwhile, inside the car, Ian tries to learn common German phrases, the first one being, "I like wearing lederhosen." As Anthony pees, the rock gets moved, causing the door to close. Anthony tries to stop the door from closing, but isn't' able to, rendering him stuck to the door, appearing to be stuck by his penis. Anthony cries for help from Ian, who is busy learning the next phrase, "I just pooped my lederhosen." Anthony gives up trying to call for help, so he struggles to lie down, hoping someone will check on him later.

One hundred twenty seven hours later, Anthony feels hungry for being stuck for so long. He gets up to find a cheeseburger inside the toilet. He tries to get the cheeseburger but fails. Anthony checks his pocket and finds a pocket knife, but decides against using it. He finds his phone and decides to use it to record his final good-byes. He was about to record, but realizes that he's recording vertically. He stops and then records again. He then starts saying good bye to his mom, apologizing to his dad that he never mowed the lawn, yelling at Ian for leaving him for dead, and confessing to a lady at Burger King that he filled a water cup with Sprite that she had given him.

However, Ian calls Anthony's phone, complaining that Anthony's been there for so long that Ian now has to "take a Scheiße." Unfortunately, neither of them can hear each other because Anthony's phone starts to run out of battery. Anthony realizes that he should've told Ian earlier that he was trapped. Anthony eyes his pocket knife and decided to use it, seeing that there's no other choice. Anthony is at first hesitant, but he says to himself, "If James Franco can do it, anyone can."

Anthony starts to scream in pain as he uses the knife to cut himself free. It is then revealed that it wasn't his penis stuck to the door, but his shirt instead. Anthony manages to get himself free and complains that his shirt is ruined. Anthony then uses the knife to cut a hole on the roof to escape from inside the porta-potty, taking the cheeseburger with him. Anthony was about to get inside the car, but Ian warns him not to go inside. Ian says that he didn't tell Anthony that he needed to use the porta-potty, but says that he doesn't need to anymore. Anthony looks inside the car to see that Ian pooped inside the car. Anthony closes the door in disgust, only to find his penis stuck to the door. As Anthony screams, Ian comments, "Oh, Scheiße!"

Alternate Ending

When Ian takes his hands off the steering wheels while driving, he worries about that and crashes the car.




  • Anthony's "Awesome Shirt" is available on via the link in the extras bar.
    • A few videos after this one, Smosh released exclusive "Awesome Shorts" to go along with the Awesome Shirt
  • This video is a parody of the 2010 movie 127 Hours, a film based on a true story about a canyoning accident in 2003 involving outdoors man Aaron Ralston, that forced him to amputate his own arm to survive.
  • Some of the other audio learning tapes on Ian's iPod were:
    • Learning to Knit Sweaters
    • Learning to Walk on Your Knees
    • Learning to Poop Standing Up
    • Learning to Massage a Narwhal
    • Learning to Wax Your Balls
    • lerning how 2 reed gud
    • Learning to Troll on YouTube
    • Learning to Eat Cookies for Breakfast
  • When Anthony saw the cheeseburger and a voice said "Cheeseburger" with music, the similar thing happened in I WAS BRAINWASHED! except with taquitos.
  • When Ian calls Anthony, his caller ID reads: Ian Hecox (Worst Friend Ever) Mobile.
  • The ringtone that plays on Anthony's iPhone when he is called by lan is "Hologram Girl," a spoof of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" used in the game Kinect Star Wars.
  • When Anthony entered the bathroom he peed in the toilet, then later in the same toilet cheeseburger was in it, later Anthony ate it.
  • Anthony's first pair of underwear he's wearing are the SpongeBob boxers from the Pokemon Theme Song.
  • lan's track on his iPod "Learning to Eat Cookies for Breakfast" is most likely a reference to Parents Suck!.
  • Ian's track on his iPod "Learning to Poop Standing Up" is most likely a reference to MY BATHROOM SECRET.
  • Ian's track on his iPod "Learning to Knit Sweaters" is most likely a reference to I Heart Burgers.
  • The pee in Anthony's water bottles have a slight orange tint to it.
  • An average porta-potty would be able to be opened from the inside. It is possible that the one Anthony used might be broken.
  • lan's robe at the end of the video is actually a pink Snuggie.
  • In the first shot of Anthony, someone's arm is seen near the back of the car (seatwise, though).
  • About a day after this video was uploaded to YouTube, the thumbnail was changed to a still from the video
  • The track on lan's iPod that he starts listening to is a "Learning For Dummies" track.
  • In the video, when Anthony is recording his goodbyes, the front of his awesome shirt is facing the toilet, but later, it is revealed that the front is stuck to the door, which isn't possible. Especially that it's not possible to even lie down, because his shirt would've been torn otherwise.
  • This is the first video where the thumbnail is a picture from the video since HARRY POTTER DELETED SCENES!.
  • Before Anthony was about to use his pocket knife, he convinced himself he'd be able to do it if James Franco can. James Franco is an American Actor. One example of him is the character of Harry Osborne from movie Spiderman, and he played Aaron Ralston in the 127 Hours movie.
  • Anthony's knife is a Columbia River Knife and Tool (CRKT) M21 Linerlock pocketknife.
  • At the end of the video around 5:25, in the reflection of the driver's seat, Anthony's penis is not showing at all only to reveal his belly button sticking out.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! See you later! *door closes* What is this stuck in the...Oh my god. I got my shoelace caught on the door."



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