Ian: This candle smells good.

Lunchtime with Smosh opening scene appears

Anthony: Hey Ian, guess what time it is?

Ian: (slow and creepy voice) Lunchtime with Smosh?

Anthony: Lunchtime with Smosh.

Ian: (speedy voice) Lunchtime with Smosh!

Anthony: (inaudible voice)

Ian: (inaudible voice)

Anthony: (inaudible voice)

Ian: Luuuuuu...

Screen cuts to Ian's car and Anthony is filming while Ian is driving to somewhere

Anthony: All right. So, today where are we eating, Ian?

Ian: We're eating at this place that left a free food coupon on our doorstep.

Anthony: Yeah, this totally looks legit. Some guys left it on our doorstep so Ian wants to eat here.



Anthony: If we die, I'm gonna have some really dirty things written on your gravestone.

Ian: That sounds sexy!

Anthony: No, it's going to say 'I have a balls haircut' and 'I'm an idiot'.

Ian: (mean look)

A truck has passed on the other side of the road while Anthony is filming

Anthony: Nyewwww! Dude, where the hell are we?

Ian: We're getting there. It's a little late. Free food doesn't come easy.

Anthony: So your mom said last night... heheheh!

Ian is driving into some creepy alley

Anthony: Is this seriously how you get there?

Ian: I think so.

Ian is driving passed the graveyard

Anthony: And you're sure we're going to the right way?

Ian: ur, yeah.

Ian is reverse driving on the gravel road.

Anthony: Why the hell are you driving backward?

Ian: I think we might going to the wrong way.

Anthony: *giggle*

Ian finally parked in front of the red creepy building

Ian: Here we are!

Anthony: Dude, this place looks creepy as hell. (Singing while walking to the building's door) Througlh the iron rod fence, to the creepy.. creeppy door with the weird sign.

Ian knocking the door

Ian: Hope this guy did not messed. It's kind of weird.

The door suddenly opened and the killer appears in black hoodie.

The Killer: (yelling) WHAT DO YOU WANT?

Ian: Uhhh... we're... Are you the guy the food thing? (show the free food ticket)

The Killer: Oh, ok. Give me the coupon (take the free food ticket from Ian's hand), the coupon. *giigle* Come right on it! (creepy sound) Here we go. It's okay. here we go.

Ian and Anthony looking on each other with the confuse feeling and entered the building

Anthony: No wonder that the food at this place is free.

Ian: Yeah, it's like crap.

The killer appears again in blue shirt and acts like a restaurant waiter.

The Killer: Hey guy, could you please follow me to the upstair? (Walking to the stair)

Ian: (whispering) Is the the same guy?

Anthony: I don't know.

The Killer: Watch your step.

Ian: Okay.

to be continue