Smosh Found Dead


June 1, 2012 (Smosh)
June 3, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, a creepy man

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"SMOSH FOUND DEAD" is a Smosh video uploaded on June 1st, 2012.


Anthony and Ian mysteriously disappeared while shooting an episode of "Lunchtime w/ Smosh" for their second channel ( Two weeks later this footage was found.

PS: No, they are not really dead. This video is just a comedy sketch like all the vids on this channel :)


Before the video begins, the following message appears:

In May of 2012, two Internet personalities disappeared unexpectedly while filming an episode of "Lunchtime w/ Smosh" for their secondary channel.

Two weeks later, this footage was found.

The episode then goes on like a normal "Lunchtime with Smosh" episode, starting with Ian saying, "This candle smells good," and then the intro playing. Anthony asks what time it is, and Ian repeatedly says, "Lunchtime with Smosh" in several different ways. It then cuts to them sitting in the car, and Anthony asks where they are eating. Ian says that they are eating at a place that left a "FREE FOOD" coupon on their doorstep.

After a longer-than-usual car ride, including them getting lost, they pull into a strange looking building with a sign on the door saying, "Enter Here." Ian, after stating how creepy the place looks, knocks on the door. Seconds later, with a man with long hair and a mustache opens the door, screaming, "What do you want?!" Ian asks if this is the place that has the Free Food coupons, and the man lets them in. Another man (who is the same guy as before but in a different outfit) escorts them to a table and gives them a menu with only two things on it: burgers, that cost $12.95, and mushroom pie, that costs $18.95. Ian and Anthony discuss how "hard" it will be to make a decision on which food item they would prefer.

After some time, a waitress named Trixie (who is the same guy as before, dressed in drag) comes to take their order. Ian says they want burgers, but the waitress tells them that there are no burgers, just the pie. Then she disappears.

A chef with a bad French accent (who, again, is the same guy) comes in with two mushroom pies, despite the fact that they never ordered them. The boys finally ask how the person is changing so quickly, and if he is pranking them. The chef denies such a thing, and then runs away. To try and avoid the awkwardness of the previous event, Ian reminds Anthony that they still have to do Finding Twitter Questions. After Anthony performs the Finding Twitter Questions song, a cowboy (who is the same man again) yells at him for disrupting him in enjoying his meal.

ThatOneGuy69 asks "What kind of underwear are you wearing?" Ian wears comfty ones and Anthony wears tight pink ones with Power Rangers on them. ThatOtherGuy69 asks "How would you most like to die?" Anthony wants to get burned to death and Ian wants to get choked on a frozen hotdog. Anthony continues to answer various Twitter questions, but realizes that every single one is from the same guy (from people such as "ThatWatchingGuy69", "ThatNeatoGuy69", "ThatCookingGuy69", etc.). Ian calls the cops when they receive a message (from ImGoingToKillYou69) saying, "There's no escape. I've sealed the place tight."

After waiting for ten minutes, they hear the police arrive and run down, only to find that the policeman is the same guy who was the escort, the waitress, the chef, and the cowboy. "Why would you wanna leave?" he said. Smosh screams and runs to another room in the house. With the lights turned off, Ian, with night vision turned on in the camera, asks Anthony what they're going to do. The creepy man, instead of Anthony, responds, saying that they should stay forever, causing Ian to scream and try to run again. He gets caught and drops the camera. The creepy man picks up the camera and stares at it, wearing all of Ian's clothes.

Back in the restaurant room of the building, the man, dressed like Anthony, asks "Ian" what he would rate the meal. Ian (also the man) says that he would rate it 15 dead ponies out of 15 (1 / 1). "Anthony" says bye to the audience, with him moving the real dead Anthony's mouth with his hand so he could do his classic ending: "BITCH."

Alternate Scene #1

When the guy told Ian and Anthony to follow him up the stairs, Ian wants to know why that guy looked like the other guy. Anthony says that they could only hire identical twins.

Alternate Scene #2

ThatOtherGuy69 asks, "How would you most like to die?" and Ian responds, "Skewer on a white picked fence. Eaten alive by a pack of guinea pigs. Fallen asleep in the wheel running into a nuclear power plant. Suffocation by boobies. Choking on Legos duh!".

Alternate Scene #3

In the car, Ian says that free food isn't Easy. Anthony replies, "That's what your mom said last night." Anthony then laughs. "And by free food, she was talking about my DICKtionary. She was looking around there looking at definitions.

Alternate Scene #4

In the car, Anthony says to Ian that it's all right, but if they die, then Anthony blames Ian and he would murder him, and Ian finely accepted.

Alternate Scene #5

When the police came, Ian and Anthony left their table and escape. When they meet some random guy blocking their way, Ian says to him, "Hey hey hey! Get out of the way! There is a cop coming!".



Shut Up! Opening

"*scary music* SHUT UP!"

Subscription ending:

Trivia / Goofs

  • The creepy man also appeared as the hobo who collected rocks in "Anthony Gets Engaged."
  • This video is a spoof of the 2008 horror movie Quarantine.
  • A part of the description says "No, we're not dead. This is just a comedy skit like all the other vids on this channel". That line was aimed at the people who thought Smosh was really dead.
  • Continuity Error: Ian and Anthony have a coupon for free food, but in the shot of the menu, Anthony complains that they have to spend $19.48 on a Mushroom Pie.
  • Every other character in this video (besides Ian and Anthony) was played by the same guy.
  • All the usernames of the guy who sent them different Twitter questions had the number 69 at the end of them, examples being: "ThatWatchingGuy69" "ThatCookingGuy69," "ThatNeatoGuy69," "ThatHostGuy69," and "ImGoingToKillYou69."
  • This episode is most likely advertising their weekly series on the Smosh 2nd Channel, Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • It would be impossible for the police to have found this video as the last trace of Ian and Anthony, since the Lunchtime with Smosh intro, the Twitter question screenshots, and the pictures used for the ratings could only be put into the video if they were edited in there.
  • This might count as a bonus episode of Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • The Twitter accounts of the mysterious guy were fake. Some the accounts, however, are real, but have a real live person under the screen name.
  • If this was released as a normal episode of Lunchtime with Smosh, viewers would know that Ian and Anthony were killed because there is a hand operating Anthony's mouth, and that Anthony's carcass is shirtless.
  • This is a parody of "The Blair Witch Project".
  • The questions that weren't answered are, "would you let me watch your sleep?" (ThatCoolGuy69), "What does your skin feel like?" (ThatWatchingGuy69), "Me premettez-vous de verser aux champignons tarte tous sur votre corps? (ThatCookingGuy69), "Can I dance with you? (ThatNetoGuy69), "do you like cuddling?" (ThatGrungyGuy69), and "How are you enjoying your meal?" (ThatHostGuy69).
  • ThatCookingGuy69's text in English is "Allow me- you pay mushroom pie all on your body."



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