SLEEPING CROSS EYED is a vlog by Mari Takahashi on her personal channel AtomicMari, featuring Maxwell Song, Smosh Games editor Clinton, Alex Lewis, Orion Acaba, and Miles Cooper.


No description given.


Mari, using her laptop webcam, explains that she has decided to make a more unorthodox vlog. She talks about how she streamed on Twitch the day prior and shows a clip from the stream. Mari talks about how she was recently in Monterrey with her boyfriend Peter Kitch for their four-year anniversary, as posted on Twitter and Instagram. While there, Peter bought Mari a charm to finish off her charm bracelet, which somehow leads the topic of conversation to Mari asking if you would rather be a dragon or a mermaid (Mari chooses mermaid).

Mari goes on to talk about how, the other morning, she woke up cross-eyed and how it was the "weirdest freakin' thing ever". She "freaked out" for a bit after she was unable to "un-cross" her eyes. Mari also talked about an upcoming collaboration with Alex Lewis.

The video "segways" to Mari with Maxwell Song and Clinton at an Asian restaurant, and then to Mari at Alex's house and going out to a pizza restaurant with them.


  • This is the first and currently only video on Mari's channel that lacks a description.