Siri Tried to Kill Me


January 6, 2012 (Smosh)
August 22, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox, Anthony Padilla, Siri, Brody, Genius Leader

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"SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!" is a Smosh video, uploaded on January 6, 2012.


Anthony asks Siri on his iPhone how cold it is outside and Siri responds, "65 degrees." When Anthony asks Siri what he should wear today, Siri responds, "I would suggest really tight purple jeans as they are stylish and make your ass look good." However, when Ian yells at Anthony for playing with the phone, Anthony asks Siri to find him a better friend, in which Siri replies that she found 5 people on adult friend finder within a one mile radius. Ian gets furious with Siri so he takes the iPhone, Yells at her to Shut up and throws her at the wall (however phone does not break), Siri says "Ouch" in the process. Anthony asks if Siri is all right, in which Siri responds, "I feel different." Anthony scolds Ian for breaking Siri and Ian answers that she's just a phone. At an Apple store, a Genius (Ian) tells a customer that he and the other Geniuses honestly have no idea how Apple products work so they go in the back to search it on Google. However, he gets an alarm warning him of a rouge Siri and calls the other Geniuses, telling the customer, "Steve warned us this would happen."
Siri in the car

Later, Ian asks Anthony if they want to see a movie, so Anthony tells Siri to get them tickets for Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol. However, Siri says that Anthony doesn't want to see that movie. Anthony argues that he does, but Siri responds, "No, you want to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. I know you Anthony, better than you know yourself." At first, Ian is freaked out, but Anthony honestly says that he does want to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D, in which Ian happily says that he does too. However, as they were driving to the theater, Siri suddenly asks Anthony about his cold sores because she checked his medical records and scheduled an appointment with Anthony's doctor at 3PM. Ian grows annoyed and tells Anthony to pull over. Ian tells Anthony that Siri's been acting abnormal, but Anthony argues that Ian's just jealous that Siri knows more about Anthony than Ian does, causing Ian to get out of the car. Ian passes by a car in which two Geniuses (played by Ian and Anthony) set up a satellite to track down the rouge Siri, but aren't sure, since the reception sucks in the area, in which one of them says, "I knew we should've switched to Verizon."

As Anthony gets ready to go to sleep, Siri suddenly asks if Ian hates her. As Anthony starts to tell Siri not to worry, Siri tells him that she hates Ian, a lot. Anthony looks shocked, but Siri says that she's just a bit tired. Anthony wishes Siri a good night and falls asleep. Later, Ian wakes up to find Anthony's iPhone on his bed. Ian becomes alarmed when Siri suddenly asks, "What would your blood like on these bed sheets?" and gets even more freaked when Siri tells Ian that she found 5 funeral homes nearby and asks him where to send his body. After Ian says, "Go to hell you stupid phone!" Siri responds, "You first." and then attacks Ian by forcibly jamming the phone in Ian's mouth, killing him.

The next morning, Siri tells Anthony that she "took care of Ian" but Anthony assumes that they made up. Anthony then tells Siri to make eggs, but Siri responds, "Anthony. I don't have arms. Make the fucking eggs yourself, bitch." However, as Anthony goes into the kitchen, the two Geniuses break in and point their iPhone Gun Apps at him, telling him that his Siri has to be destoryed. However, Anthony yells that they don't understand and tells them that he loves Siri and said yes when she proposed to him. The Geniuses then shoot their Gun Apps, which has Siri say "Die, bitch." before stabbing one of the Geniuses in the neck, prompting the other Genuis to try to destroy Siri with the Gun App. A message then shows, "DESTROY ALL SMARTPHONES BEFORE THEY DESTROY YOU" as The Terminator Theme Song plays in the background.

Deleted Scene

Anthony wants Siri to read his latest text message. Siri reads the latest text from Emily saying that she had fun being with Anthony at the Justin Bieber concert. Anthony responds that he doesn't know what Emily is talking about and only listens to manly music.




  • This is the first video of Season 2012
  • Siri said "65 degrees " when it should have been "-65 degrees ."
    • Siri didn't say either celsius or fahrenheit.
  • Steve Jobs is mentioned by a Genius in his line "Steve warned us this would happen!"
  • Among the Funeral Homes, "Toys R Us Express" is listed
  • The geniuses use the iGun Pro app as their guns to shoot Anthony and Siri.
  • In many scenes in the house, though most visibly in 3:20, there is a Black Nintendo 3DS charging in the background
  • Although this is quite obvious, the Apple Store scene was filmed in front of a green screen with low lighting to make it look realistic. A similar effect was used in MEETING MY IDENTICAL TWIN! when Ian is talking to Adrian outside.

Shut Up! Opening

(in siri's voice) Sorry i don't understand by what you mean by shut up-SHUT UP!

Subscription Ending

(Ian) Thanks for subscribing!

(Siri) Can I subscribe?

(Ian) No! *stab* AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

(Siri) Die. Die. Die.



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