Ryuzu Kawaii


Oishi Kawaii (daughter)
Former Demon Slayer

Ryuzu Kawaii (also known as Dad and Rye-oo-zoo) is the father of Oishi Kawaii. Ryuzu is very protective of his daughter, as seen with Bobby Johnson.


Two years ago, he was one of the best Demon Slayers in the world. Ryuzu even had a trophy in his honor after he had slain a demon sent on destroying the Bunny Plannet.

However, two years later, Ryuzu got lazy with his job and was fired. Many of the students trash Ryuzu, much to the annoyance of Oishi. His current job was supposed to be protecting the Kitten Planet, but his negligence has caused the planet's complete destruction.

Due to this, Ryuzu was told that he was going to be replaced by a guy who does not even use a sword. Oishi and Mucusance hatch a plan to restore Ryuzu's reputation. A disgused Mucusance pretends that he is going to kill a baby in order to get Ryuzu to save the baby. However, Ryuzu ends up crushing the baby by accident.


  • Swordsmanship: Ryuzu is a master swordsman who seems to be able to handle even after neglecting his skills. His weapon is a large single edged bastard sword similar to Cloud's Buster Sword from Final Fantasy VII.
  • Super Form: Ryuzu seems to be able to transforms into a super powered state where his hair turns gold and stands on end and his eyes glow white. In this form he possesses powers like Levitation, Super Strength and fire powerful energy blasts from his sword. Ryuzu's form seems to resemble the Super Saiyan form from Dragon Ball Z.


"The New iPhone is amazing!"
"You have a point. BUT, SO DOES MY BLADE!"