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Ryan Higa
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Ryan Higa

Date of Birth:

June 6, 1990 (age 26)





YouTube Channel:


Years Active:


Ryan Higa (born June 6, 1990) is a Japanese American comedian and the creator of the YouTube channel Nigahiga, which is currently the fifteenth most subscribed channel on YouTube.


Ryan Higa was born on 6 June 1990 in Hilo, Hawaii. He appeared twice on Smosh videos in 2010, in the episodes "If Cartoons Were Real" (as a confused school student) and "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE."  (as the boss of a group of ninjas sent by The Pokémon Company to kill Anthony and Ian for making another Pokémon-related video) He has also appeared in an episode of Ian is Bored. In the episode, "Kicking NigaHiga's Butt!" Ian and Ryan face off in a wrestling match, and Ryan wins. Ryan has also created a 35-minute movie on YouTube called "Agents of Secret Stuff,"featuring Anthony and Ian. He was also drawn in an episode of Ian is Bored, "EXTREME YOUTUBER DRAWINGS! " where he was one of the Youtubers drawn by Anthony and Ian. He appeared in The End of Christmas (Part 1) and The End of Christmas (Part 2) as a puppet. He has also voiced himself in the Smosh Babies episode The Swimming Lesson. Ryan Higa is played by Anthony Padilla in HOW TO BE A YOUTUBE COMMENTER, he is annoyed by Old Man Grandpa due to him being in his room. Shortly after being disturbed, Old Man Grandpa accuses him of being in the Illuminati. He appears in the video THE VLOG VIRUS (w/ Ryan Higa and Rhett & Link) alongside Rhett and Link.


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