Runbrella (No. 1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!)
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May 6, 2011

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Ian, his fake mom, Milly Bays, Harry Pübeklip, Demetrius Strom

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Runbrella (#1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!) is a Smosh video. This video is another commercial for a fake product.

The Commercial


When it gets too hot outside
And you can't take the heat
But you still gotta do your working out
There's a remedy
You get a run run run
Run run run
Run run run Runbrella
You get a run run run
Run run run
Run run run Runbrella


An informercial spokeperson, Milly Bays (Anthony and a champion figure skater) says that the makers of Easy Poop have made a revolutionary new product that's gonna change the way you expose yourself to the sun. He states that that the sun kills 50 million people in the US alone every year! He also says that the Runbrella good for sunny days, but it's "great when it rains, when it rains acid, and when it rains and you're on acid." He says that equipping the Runbrella is easy as 1-2-3...-4-5-6-7-8-9 as Ian demonstrates.

  1. Slips your arms in
  2. Button it
  3. Fasten the seatbelt
  4. Check the anemometor
  5. Pump the Runbrella
  6. Finish pumping the runbrella
  7. Wave at a random Ginger (tell your Mommy you'll be back for supper)
  8. Wok outside
  9. You are now cool! (Pun intended)

Bays says that "if you don't think this product is for you, just listen to these testimonials. A satisfied customer named Harry Pübeklip (Anthony) says that his "favorite band that no one knows about" broke up, which made Harry decide to "end [his] pointless existence" by jumping off a building. But since he was wearing Runbrella, he merely floated down to safety, saving his life. Harry then asks if he can add people on his myspace, only for the interviewer to say, "Myspace is dead." Harry argues, "MYSPACE ISN'T DEAD A**HOLE!" Some black guy named Demetrius Storm (played by youtuber DeStorm) says that the sun burned him so bad that he "wasn't even black until a month ago." A before-after clip showed him as a white guy until the sun made him black. He says that it's the best $19.99 he ever spent other than the Star Wars VHS tapes.

All order information appears and the voice appears saying that if you order within the next five seconds, you would get a free Lamborghini Gallardo LP540-4 Superleggera before the voice says TOO LATE! But ordering within the next two minutes will get you a Sombrer-YO!

Deleted Scene #1

Milly Bays says that the Runbrella by a German engineered titanium frame. He thinks the Germans make great stuff like lederhosens.

Deleted Scene #2

Milly also says that the Runbrella is a fashion statement and eco friendly because it's made from 100% melted tire. The narrator shows melted tire can cause the following illnesses.

Deleted Scene #3

Demetrius says that he was always running outside and would be like, "Why is it so damn hot?" and then like, "Oh yeah, the sun."

Script (excluding jiggle)

Runbrella (No. 1 MOTHER'S DAY GIFT!)/Script



  • The title says that it's the number one Mother's Day gift, but nowhere in the video does it say that it's best for Mother's Day except for the fact that the video was uploaded before Mother's Day.
  • The instrumental section of Bow to the Unicorns, the outro from the Sexy Album can be heard in the background when it highlights Harry Pübeklip.
  • If Demetrius Storm became black a month ago, then he should be white when he was watching the Star Wars VHS tapes.
  • The "order within the next five seconds- TOO LATE" part is a reference to Nigahiga's fake commercials.
  • When Demetrius Storm is doing a testamonial on the Runbrella, an instrumental version of FIRETRUCK!!!! is heard in the background.
  • Milly Bays is an obvious parody of Billy Mays.
  • The following thirty-six illnesses are:
    • herpes
    • cancer
    • sore throat
    • difficulty swallowing
    • headache
    • coughing
    • weezing
    • koffing
    • restless penis syndrome
    • achne
    • bachne
    • badhairdayitis
    • dysentery
    • malaria
    • typhoid fever
    • beber fever
    • uncommon cold
    • lysdexia
    • hepititus C & D
    • why am i wearing seven shirts
    • elephantitis
    • lazy eye
    • blumpkin
    • the ability to pee while standing up
    • i bet you didn't read this
    • HIV
    • ADD
    • ADHD
    • 80HD
    • oprah winfery
    • impotence
    • erection lasting longer than four hours
    • elephantitties
    • guido skin
    • plaque
    • poop
  • Weezing and koffing are both Pokémon.

Subscription Ending

"Click the Subscribe Button and get an imaginary Runbrella! It's not quite as pathetic as having an imaginary friend."

Shut Up! Opening

"This is the sound I make when I'm running! *breathing* SHUT UP!"



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