Rocket League Domination is the 152nd installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on August 21, 2015 on both and YouTube.


Jovenshire, Wes, Mari, Sohinki, Flitz and Lasercorn split into teams and battle it out in Rocket League.


The lowest scoring team would have to walk barefooted on toy cars.


  • Sohinki, Jovenshire and Flitz (Blue Team)
  • Lasercorn, Wes and Mari (Orange Team)


  • Winners: Orange Team (3 wins)
  • Losers: Blue Team (2 wins)


  • This Game Bang did not open with the title sequence.
  • Orange Team achieved one of the biggest comebacks in Game Bang history when after losing the first two rounds, proceeded to win the following two rounds with high scores. The final round was tied close together and ended up in overtime, which Orange Team ultimately won.
  • Lasercorn and Sohinki have previously played this in Game Time with Smosh Games

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