Richard Muscles


Fashion Magazines, Photoshop, Tanning
Ugly People

Richard "Rich" Muscles is a Character in Smosh and the Main Protagonist in PHOTOSHOP PLASTIC SURGERY. He is portrayed by Anthony Padilla.

The Character

Rich Muscles is an entrepreneur and Tanning Enthusiast. Ever since he was a little tyke, he was obsessed with fashion magazines and soon then became frustrated that no one actually looked like the people on the pages. So he opened his own Unlicensed Plastic Surgery Clinic named "Photoshop Plastic Surgery" that specializes in his own Ground-breaking technique. After he spent couple of hours searching on his wikipedia, he was able to use that knowledge to perform popular procedures you see in Photoshop.


He wears a red italian shirt and sometimes wears a pair of bloody surgery gloves, his lower-half was not visible in the video. He is also over-tanned.



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