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September 7, 2007

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Reunited? is a Smosh video uploaded on September 7, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: After being apart for a while, Ian and Anthony decide to get back together and continue Smosh.


T-bag and Ian are shooting a video, with T-bag holding a pizza box and walking down the street. Cletus walks by, and T-bag pulls is gun on him, causing Cletus to run away with his hands over his head. Ian yells, "Cut!" and tells T-bag that they're trying to shoot a comedy, and not a gangster film. He then takes T-bag's gun away, and asks where he even got it. T-bag shrugs.

Anthony, still waiting behind the door, says, "You can knock on the door now, Phuong!" When Phuong still doesn't knock, Anthony walks outside to see him once again, doing cartwheels. He tells Phuong that they've been trying to shoot that one scene for three days, and that his part is simple, all he has to do is knock on the door. Anthony asks, "What's wrong with you?" and Phuong tells him he can do cartwheel. Anthony says, "I know you can do cartwheel!" He then goes back inside and cries next to the door.

Ian walks out of his house holding a pizza box, and says to T-bag, "So, I was looking at this pizza box and I was thinking, 'What if we put an actual pizza in it?'" He then sees T-bag standing in front of a dead guy, and Ian asks, "What is that? Did you shoot that guy?" T-bag tells him that the guy said he just wanted to take a nap, but Ian notices that T-bag has a pistol in his pants, one in his hand, and a shotgun in his shirt, and doesn't believe him. He takes all three guns away and goes inside, but T-bag asks, "How am I supposed to stay alive in the hood without my guns?"

Anthony is sitting in his room, rememebering all the fun times he had with Ian. When he looks at a beach ball, and remembers him and Ian throwing the ball to eachother. When he looks at a box marked "BOMB," he thinks of them two throwing it to eachother as well. He looks at a cardboard tube, and remembers when Ian was hitting him with it. He then starts crying, and runs out of the room.

Ian is walking down the hallway, saying, "I'll do the laundry later, Mom!" He then stops when he sees Anthony standing in front of him, but when he looks again, Anthony is gone. The same thing continues to happen throughout the day, such as when Ian was playing with his dog, he threw a sponge, but Anthony was the one to bring it back to him. Ian rubs his eyes, and his dog is sitting there instead. When Ian rolls over in his bed, Anthony is lying next to him, but when he turn around, his mom is lying there.

Anthony is sitting down at what looks like a lunch table, and Ian sits down next to him. Anthony says, "I thought you weren't gonna show up. Ian tells Anthony to hurry up, that he's cutting into his visitation time with the camera man. Anthony is surprised that Ian is filming something at the moment, and asks how it's going. Ian says, "Good." Anthony then asks if they want to get back together, as partners, because his current partner sucks. Ian says his does too, that he's already killed three people. They agree to get back together, and finish filming the original "Assassins" video.

Later, they are seen checking the video statistics after it was uploaded, but it isn't doing so well, as it has only gotten 20 views. Ian, playing Wii Tennis, asks what everyone is watching instead of their video. Anthony finds one that has gotten a ton of views, and it turns out to be Phuong and T-bag acting out the video both Anthony and Ian were trying to film seperately, but failed due to their negligent partners.


  • Like the previous video, That Damn Neighbor makes an brief appearance. At the very beginning, when T-bag is walking down the street holding a pizza, The Neighbor can be seen leaning against a mailbox in the background.
  • Cletus from That Damn Neighbor appears in the very beginning when T-Bag tries to shoot him.
    • Cletus is played by Anthony, which suggests the obvious fact that this was just for the videos and Ian and Anthony never split up.


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