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August 31, 2007

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Replacement Needed is a Smosh video uploaded on August 31, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Ian and Anthony look for replacements for each other to continue Smosh separately.


Ian says hello to the camera, and tells the viewers, "This is my first video blog, and I have some bad news for you guys. You're probably not going to like it. Anthony quit, I mean, I kicked Anthony out of Smosh yesterday. I guess the fame and fortune just got to him." While Ian was talking, Anthony was creating a Replacement Needed flyer for a new Smosh partner on his laptop. It says:

Person needed to replace stupid, incompetent former video partner. The only requirement is that you can't look at pictures of butts on your cell phone while we're filming. Auditions will be held at my house tomorrow at 2 PM.
After that, he prints it out and nails it to a post. Ian continues to say, "He went to parties every night, and from there, things just went downhill. He became an alcoholic, and yesterday, when I told him to do his fair share of the work, he threw a beer bottle at me! A friggin beer bottle! So that's when I told him he could no longer be a part of Smosh. But this doesn't mean this is the end of Smosh. I know what you're thinking, "Whoa, Smosh with only Ian?" Well that's where you guys come in. Tomorrow, I'm holding an audition at my house for someone to replace Anthony."

Ian is reading a magazine when someone knocks on the door. He excitedly runs to answer it, but when he opens the door, he finds a skinny, white, gangster wannabe standing there named T-Bag. Ian looks over the guy's shoulder to see if there's anyone else there for the audition, but he's the only one there. Since no one else showed up, Ian congratulates the guy for becoming his new partner. The gangster wannabe then pulls Ian into an unwanted "man hug."

Anthony's alarm goes off at 2:00 PM, and he walks into what seems to be the waiting room, only to find an overweight Asian guy sitting there, all alone. He holds up the flyer, and Anthony asks him what his name is. The man responds, "My name Phuong." Anthony greets him with a handshake, and tells him he's the new replacement. Phuong says, "I can do cartwheel!" and Anthony replies, "Alright."

Ian and T-bag (the gangster wannabe) are sitting on the couch, and Ian gives him the script to a video he and Anthony had thought up together before they broke up. He begins to explain the concept, that the video starts out with T-bag delivering a pizza to Ian. However, T-bag keeps interrupting Ian with bizarre ideas that change the story competely.

Anthony is rehearsing for the same video as Ian, and he tells Phuong that he's supposed to be a pizza delivery guy. Phuong tells him that, once again, he can do a cartwheel. Anthony disregards his comment, and tells him that he's gonna go inside, and in a few seconds, to deliver the pizza to him.

Ian is finishing telling T-bag what the video is about, and says, "Only to find out that the pizza you delivered me wasn't the pizza that I ordered, it was artichoke!" T-bag starts to say that he understands what Ian is saying, but then goes into this completely unrelated explanation, and Ian sighs in frustration.

Anthony is still waiting by the door, and he tells Phuong that he can knock on the door now. When Phuong doesn't do so, he opens the door and walks outside, to find Phuong doing a horrible excuse for cartwheels. Anthony grabs Phuong by the shoulders and tells him to focus, but after he goes back inside, Phuong continues to do cartwheels.

T-bag is still talking about what he thinks the video should be about, and when he finishes, Ian tells him, "Wow. That idea was awesome!" T-bag asks, "Really?" and Ian says, "No." T-bag then starts talking about an alternate ending, and once again, Ian sighs. His phone rings, and Anthony is on the other end. He starts out asking Ian if they want to get back together, but after hearing T-bag's alternate ending, he says he's calling because his mom left her curling iron at Ian's house. As he sets his phone down on his desk, he notices a photo of him pushing Ian on a swing, with the words, "Always and Forever. But we're not gay." A message then appears: To be continued.


  • While Anthony was creating his "Replacement Needed" flyer, there appears to be a beard-related website behind the Microsoft Word window.
  • When Ian looks over T-Bag's shoulder to see if anyone else showed up for the new Smosh partner auditions, That Damn Neighbor can be seen sitting in a chair between some trees while holding the flamingo. The next time the scenery behind T-Bag is shown, The Neighbor is gone.
  • Phuong speaks Engrish.
  • Phuong's last appearance was 1,000,000 Subscribers!!!



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