May 23, 2014 (Smosh)
May 25, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, Rob Dyrdek, Aiden Pierce, Stereotypical Buff Action Hero Guy, Four Bad Guys

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REAL WATCH DOGS HACKS! (w/ Rob Dyrdek) is a Smosh video released May 23, 2014.


Smosh is using Watch Dogs Hacks to take down 4 generic bad guys with Rob Dyrdek!


In an alleyway in Los Angeles, Ian and Anthony approach near Rob Dyrdek and decide to play cool when walking pass him. All of the sudden, the guys see a van chasing Aiden Pierce , whom gives the phone away to Rob and runs away. Ryan noticed a stop light hack which turned the traffic light from green to red which caused bad guy #1 to make a sudden stop. Bad guy #1 notices Rob having the phone and decides to chase them, but Rob tells Ian and Anthony to come with him even though they're not involved in the problem. When the van made a u-turn, Ian and Anthony decided to follow Rob.

After the van passes them, Rob decides to pick up a team to defeat the bad guys and asks the duo what they're good at. Ian is good at eating two bowls of spaghetti at once while Anthony knows how to knit a fashionable scarf. Rob also asked the stereotypical buff action guy about his skills which dominants both of Ian and Anthony's skills since he's the most dangerous man in the world and carries around two swords. However, Ian and Anthony are picked on the team and decides to leave off with them as the buff action guy gets left alone.

They hide in the different part of the as Rob informs Ian and Anthony about going to the fantasy factory as they then run away from the van. Bad guy #1 doesn't know how they disappear while bad guy #2 agrees. Rob devices a plan to have Ian and Anthony stand onto traffic because they love to run people over. Ian and Anthony don't want to it at first, but then agrees to the "sacrifice". Bad guy #1 decides to "run them over or something like that", but always stops whenever a red light is hacked by Rob because he doesn't want to get another ticket. After toying with the traffic lights, Rob tells Ian and Anthony to follow him down the block. Bad guy #2 decides to leave bad guy #1 behind and chase the trio with bad guy #3 and #4 . They leave the van while bady guy #1 tries to find a parking spot.

After hiding behind a car, Rob notices Ian and Anthony's useless skills and thought that he should've taken the buff action guy. Bad guys #2-4 finally found the trio and commands Rob to phone and have bad guy #3 kill them. Rob uses a cellphone hack to create a fake text message which bad guy #2 answers because it's most likely his wife. The text message states that she's cheating on him with bad guy #3. Although it isn't true, bad guy #2 takes the message seriously. After Anthony and Ian's comment, Rob decides to spread fake news on a billboard that states bad guy #3 slept with bad guy #2's wife because she hates her "ex-husband". Ian, Anthony, and Rob decide to run away while bad guy #4 decides to chase after them while bad guy #2 fights with bad guy #3. Bad guy #1 in the van talks to himself of how back the crew treats him since he's the one driving the van.

In the fantasy factory, Ian, Anthony, and Rob arrived thinking they were safe until bad guy #4 shows up asking for the phone. Rob hacks a tennis cannon which he uses to shoot bad guy #4's balls and his head causing him to faint. Anthony asks if Rob has any basketballs in the fantasy factory. While gripping some basketballs, bad guy #1 arrived in the factory saying to bad guys #2-4 that he only found fifteen minute parking. All of the sudden, he spots Rob and tries to shoot them with a rubber band because he left the gun in the van. Anthony doesn't want to be harmed since he has super sensitive nipples. Rob hacks into a rocket bike and has it drive towards bad guy #1. He couldn't dodge it, but instead rides the bike into a foam pit. Ian thought it was awesome while Anthony felt bad that bad guy #1 could've gotten hurt. Rob states that he fell into a foam pit and that nothing bad could've happen; however, the bike explodes. Rob points out that bad guy #1 was going to harm Ian and Anthony with a rubber band. Rob also decides to do an epic high-five with Ian, Anthony, and the buff action guy. The scene then shows Bruss Willuz as an executive producer, Arnuld Shwarmawagger as an associate producer, Dorf Lugnut as the film editor, and Greg as the office intern.

Rob sets a blackout hack in the factory, and then turns the lights back on when toying around with the tennis cannon. Ian and Anthony are having fun with Rob as they try to avoid the tennis balls shot out by the cannon.


Real Watch Dogs Hacks!/Script


  • Rob Dyrdek guest stars in this video.
  • In the Watch Dogs game, the traffic lights hack makes all the lights green, not red.
  • If this was set in the Watch Dogs universe, this would have to be set in Chicago as Aiden never leaves Chicago throughout the game.
  • Before being hacked, the digital billboard read "Boxman 2016", a reference to 2008's Boxman for President.
  • The video was released four days before the release of Watch Dogs.
  • Bad guy #1 makes a wilhelm scream as he lands in the foam pit.
  • Smosh appears on Rob Dryden's popular tv series RIDICULOUSNESS. Witch probably has something to do with them pairing in this video.

Shut Up! Opening

Your phone can hack? Mine can only take dick pics. (snaps a camera) SHUT UP!





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