Real Pokemon Fighting Game is the 101st installment of the Smosh Games series Smosh Game Bang.

It was uploaded on August 29, 2014 on both and YouTube


The crew play Pokemon Type Wild, a fan made 2D Pokemon fighting Game.


The two lowest scoring players have to be wrapped in red and white bubble wrap (as if they were in a pokeball).

Pokemon used

  • Anthony: Blaziken
  • Ian: Combusken/Swalot (against Mari)
  • Jovenshire: Lucario
  • Lasercorn: Breloom
  • Mari: Gardevoir/Snorlax (against Ian)
  • Sohinki: Gengar


Round 1

  • Jovenshire vs. Mari
  • Ian vs. Lasercorn
  • Jovenshire vs. Sohinki

Round 2

  • Anthony vs. Mari
  • Sohinki vs. Ian
  • Anthony vs. Jovenshire

Round 3

  • Mari vs. Lasercorn
  • Sohinki vs. Lasercorn
  • Ian vs. Anthony

Round 4

  • Mari vs. Sohinki
  • Jovenshire vs. Lasercorn
  • Anthony vs. Lasercorn

Round 5

  • Mari vs. Ian
  • Sohinki vs. Anthony
  • Jovenshire vs. Ian


  • =1st place: Anthony (4W-1L)
  • =1st place: Lasercorn (4W-1L)
  • =1st place: Sohinki (4W-1L)
  • 4th place: Jovenshire (2W-3L)
  • 5th place: Ian (1W-4L)
  • Last place: Mari (0W-5L)


  • This was Anthony's 4th consecutive win since Sack to the Face
  • It's the first time the same three people (Anthony, Lasercorn and Sohinki) won two consecutive challenges, though the first win was a team win and this time it was a joint win.
  • During the punishment Jovenshire was accidentaly caught in bubble wrap but he got out.
  • Ian and Anthony chose Combusken and Blaziken respectively, being unaware that the latter is the evolution of the former.
  • Ian remarked that the punishment was "making a lot of people's dreams come true", a reference to the many Smosh fan-fictions (which often also involve Mari).
  • This video was uploaded on Sohinki's 27th brithday
  • Ian referenced Hedgehog Kombat (and the Dope! or Nope episode Sonic Will Kick Your Ass) in the final match when he said "Peck Peck Peck!" (Jovenshire said this in both of these episodes when he was playing as the character "Bean").

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