Real Minecraft Vacation
Real Minecraft Vacation


August 1, 2014 (Smosh)
August 3, 2014 (El Smosh)

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Ian, Anthony, ballsackmcgee

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Can't afford to go anywhere for your vacation? Maybe you should try a REAL MINECRAFT VACATION!


The narrator (Anthony), asks Ian with a wig on if he was bored with his normal life and wants to go on a fabulous vacation. Ian wants to, but he doesn't have much money and wants to finish his nuts. Anthony tells Ian to journey with him to Minecraft. Ian doesn't want to go, but gets teleported to there anyway.

In Minecraft, Ian wonders where the hotel is which Anthony states that it's in his imagination and has to mine resources to build it. Ian wonders how it's even a vacation if there's a lot of work. Anthony teleports a pickaxe and tells Ian to start mining. Ian gets confused.

Sometime later, Ian finishes his house as Anthony decides to take a look inside. Ian does so and tells Anthony that it's bare hoping to get a bed. Anthony tells Ian to chop a tree into three wooden pieces, kill three sheep, and lay the carcass over the wood pieces thinking it's super easy and fun. Ian thinks it's too complicated and asks for a book with the crafting instructions. Anthony teleports a big book for Ian to read. Anthony mentions that the book only deals with wood and drops down the rest of the crafting books on Ian including an extra one.

Sometime later, Ian wants to get around the place by building a car. Anthony says that he can build a mine-cart instead. After building it, Ian wonders how to make it go. Anthony says to lay down some railway. After laying them down, Ian notices the mine-cart isn't moving. Anthony tells Ian he should've a power rail with gold and red stone. Ian doesn't like it and decides to walk instead.

Back in the house, a user named ballsackmcgee (Anthony) enters his home. Ian tries to greet him, but he doesn't listen. Ian wonders why he can't talk to him and why he's looking at his stuff. Anthony states that people could only communicate through the means of typing and teleports a keyboard to Ian. Ian wonders about the millions of dollars put into this game would allow people to communicate easily instead of just typing. Anthony thought so too.

Anthony tells Ian to not ask what happens at night. Ian asks about it so Anthony just tells him that nothing does and to look at the sunset. After Ian turns to the sunset, a group of zombies start to attack him. Ian runs away from them and asks for a gun. Anthony states that guns aren't in Minecraft, but anything like a bundle of strings he teleported to him. Ian threw away the strings and decides to dig a hole and wait in it until sun rise. Anthony adds in by saying that's what every noob does on their first night and that Ian's a "f***ing pussy". Ian also curses to Anthony.

The next morning, Ian pops out from his hole. Anthony also states that there's a cool fire show whenever the sun comes up. Ian notices a smell which Anthony states it's the rotting flesh of burning zombies. Ian thought it was vampires that burn in the sun. Anthony started asking someone if zombies or vampires die in the sun. Afterwards, he got upset from the answer and decides to fire someone for that. Anthony then comes to warn Ian about building that shelter before nightfall which Ian starts going to work.

Sometime later, Ian finished building a mansion, an enderman shrine to avoid other players from stealing blocks, a second house, a sixteenth scaled replica of that house (just a block), a penis fountain that shoots water, and another penis fountain that shoots lava. Anthony thought he did some nice work. Ian thanked Anthony and thought that Minecraft was a good place to until a creeper starts exploding near him.

After he respawns, Ian loses everything from his inventory. Ian gets frustrated about the time he spent to get them. Ian is still glad about having a mansion until ballsackmcgee sets TNT blocks around the mansion getting ready to explode. Anthony hopes that everyone else enjoys their stay in Minecraft. Ian says, "FML" as the TNT explodes destroying part of the mansion.

Deleted Scene

Ian stops digging with his pickaxe. Anthony asks him why he stopped digging saying that there probably or probably not be diamonds one block below. Ian states that he has to go do a "noogie". However, Anthony states that there are no toilets in Minecraft, but can arrange a bunch of dirt blocks to make it look like a toilet. Ian only uses one dirt block to sit on. Anthony states that Ian should hold it in which makes Ian frustrated.


Real Minecraft Vacation/Script


  • At the end of the video, when Anthony destroys Ian's mansion, the TNT has a yellow line, while regular TNT has a white line.
  • Two memes are referenced in this video. The Luigi Death Stare and Darude - Sandstorm
  • Instead of the normal Minecraft paintings, ones of Grumpy Cat and the main characters of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic can be seen in the background of Ian's first house, later they are replaced with paintings of Lasercorn and the Luigi Death Stare.
  • To the right of Ian's first house there is a Nether Wart farm and there are Redstone Lamps lighting his home, both would have required him to go deep mining and go to the Nether.
  • ballsackmcgee can only be in Ian's game if his game is open on LAN (which requires ballsackmcgee to be on the same internet) or if they are both on a server.
  • Ian's uses a pickaxe on both wood and dirt, which is a waste of the pickaxe.
  • User backsallmcgee typed the following:
    • lol ur invanturys emptuz lolololololol
    • get a nu skin u n00b
    • ur gonna get kilt by pigs u chode nugget!
    • lollers ur standing theyr cuz u dun no how 2 pley
    • i bet you dont evan no how 2 jump lol
    • im 9 and i can reck u
    • darude - sandstorm
  • If you look closely on the right window at Ian's first house, you can see there a dark oak planks table with cakes.
  • Ian should have gone into his house in the night than dig a hole.
  • A pig can be seen in the dynamites that ballsackmcgee uses are burning.

Shut Up! Opening

These graphics are worse than my Atari 2600. SHUT UP!



Written by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Finnerty

Produced & Directed by: Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, & Ryan Todd

Edited by: Anthony Padilla & Michael Barryte

Post Supervision by: Ian Hecox & Ryan Finnerty

AD: Jon Hooker | Camera: Jonathan Joiner

Sound: Ivan Harder | DIT: Shawna Smith

Production Design: Chris Newell

Grips: Lee Eisenhower and Patrick Egan

Makeup: Paula Barkley | Asst. Editor: Katie Reed

Color: Pretty Moving Pictures | PA: Ryan Sweeney

BTS: Phil Mohr


Ian Hecox as himself
Anthony Padilla as himself and ballsackmcgee


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