Do's and Don'ts 7


June 11, 2012

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Do's & Don'ts



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Narrator, LeBarbeque, Gregory

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Rap is the seventh episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Do's & Don'ts. It was uploaded on June 11, 2012.

Brief Synopsis: The Do's & Don'ts of becoming a rap mogul.


LeBarbeque is sleeping one night until he woke up to get a glass of water from the tap. He walked upstairs only to see a meteor coming to his house. The meteor exploded his house but LeBarbeque died in hospital a few days later and his father said that his son should have warned him before. Jimmy and Susie were at the funeral but Jimmy was happy because he is racist. Then he started saying the n word for 5 hours with Susie getting mad

Shut Up! Opening

People need to know I'm Chasing that Paper! *SHUT UP!* Cartoons


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