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Ralphie is a character from the video Adult Magic School Bus. He is the adult version of Ralphie Tennelli from the Canadian/American cartoon The Magic School Bus. He is portrayed by Shayne Topp.

Adult Magic School Bus

Ralphie is picked up by Ms. Frizzle for the "field trip" and is sandwiched between Wanda and Dorothy Ann. He cannot stop smiling when Carlos gets in the car, even when he is climbing on top of Ralphie, who puts his hands on Carlos to help him get settled in the Hyundai.

At the end of the video, Ralphie comments on how the whole has been wearing the same thing for the past twenty years saying "I have a f***ing R on my shirt". He is markedly changed by the end in terms of how he views life.


Ralphie Tenelli MagicSchoolBus
Ralphie Tennelli