"Frankly, your testicle-shooting ratio is just horrible."

RESIDENT EVIL 6 is the first episode of the Smosh Games series Backseat Gaming. This episode, Sohinki and Lasercorn try Resident Evil 6.


Resident Evil 6 is FINALLY here. Let's see if the guys can work together to survive



  • Sohinki says this episode's game and explains the premise of Backseat Gaming.

Sohinki's turn

They decide on Jake's campaign and Sohinki is ordered to play as Sherry as he must play "as a chick". Lasercorn's first order is to lie face down in the water to make Sherry's clothes wet. Sohinki attempts various combat rolls but is unable to actually lie down, so they settle for sideways rolling. Lasercorn notices that Sherry is hardly wet and orders Sohinki to email Capcom but Sohinki interrupts, clarifying that that order is not directly game-related and does not have to comply, so Lasercorn relents and orders Sohinki to continue. Continuing through the building, they come across a zombie invasion. Sohinki is ordered the shoot down the undead. Lasercorn starts to wonder if the "undead" are actually the silhouettes of allies but does not care and orders Sohinki to (fruitlessly) waste all of his ammo.

Later, Sohinki is ordered to "get to [a] choppa", but fails. Lasercorn and Sohinki spend some time debating over the wording of Lasercorn's order and whether or not Sohinki followed through. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to shoot a metallic symbol above a doorway, but Sohinki reminds him that he was ordered to waste all of his ammo.

Inside, Lasercorn asks if Sherry has a throwing knife. Sohinki checks her inventory and notes the stun rod. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to "stun" his NPC partner Jake, to no avail. They come across a group of human NPCs and Sohinki is given random orders, ranging from beating someone to death with the stun rod to shooting a rocket launcher at someone's testicles. Continuing on, Sherry and Jake make their way through a window-shaped opening in a wall, but Jake enters too early and knocks Sherry toward a wall. Lasercorn orders Sohinki to kick him back, but they are attacked by a helicopter before anything can happen. Sohinki is ordered to throw his stun rod at the helicopter, which is mechanically impossible, and Sohinki is hit by multiple explosions and is ordered to evacuate the area.

At a checkpoint, Lasercorn orders Sohinki to "lift up [his] shirt, show the camera some nipple". Sohinki starts to pull down his shirt before Lasercorn stops him, clarifying that he wanted to see how far Sohinki would go. Sohinki breaks open boxes and crates to collect more ammo, as thus far, Sohinki has had a rather lackluster testicle-shooting ratio. Later, while trekking across a perilous bridge on the side of a cliff, Sohinki collects an herb and, at Lasercorn's request, attempts to roll it into a blunt. He tries to smoke it, but Sherry merely takes pills instead. Sohinki is ordered to shoot the balls of an oblivious NPC. Sohinki succeeds, but the NPC turns into a huge, mothlike creature that Sohinki is ordered to ride. Sohinki protests that he will be killed should he get too close, but Lasercorn insists. Sohinki actually manages something that is enough to make Lasercorn cheer (attracting the attention of Jovenshire, who had previously been engrossed in his own game). Lasercorn orders Sohinki to only use his stun rod to kill the creature, but progress is meek. Sohinki calls for a switch during the fight.

Lasercorn's turn

Lasercorn is none too unhappy to "ride the moth" and "succeeds", eventually stating that he had yet to play the game (sans the demo). Lasercorn is ordered to leave the bunker onto the side bridge and does so too fast, leaving Sherry hanging off the side. Lasercorn is ordered to give the NPC from earlier a "big hug". Lasercorn instead performs a takedown, but Sohinki orders him to continue on anyway. Lasercorn jumps across a gap and "hugs" another enemy.

For the duration of Lasercorn's turn, he is ordered to keep the camera at an upward angle. This makes it absurdly easy for enemies to take shots at him, eventually making Lasercorn call for a switch.

Sohinki's turn

Sohinki is ordered to teabag an enemy he had just killed and kick another enemy into a fire-filled barrel, both to debatably moderate success. After killing another enemy, Lasercorn orders Sohinki to continue on without killing the rest of the zombies. He explains that they all have no will to live because they all lack testicles, and is now "useless to women".

During a chase scene involving a boss, Lasercorn wanted Sohinki to "gently cup" the boss's left pectoral muscle. Sohinki stopped running, turned around, and was promptly killed. Sohinki calls for a switch.

Lasercorn's turn

Enemies drop in, which Sohinki reasons must be for a tea party. Lasercorn says that there must be tea in a barrel, so shoots it, igniting the barrel and causing it to explode, incinerating the "guests" and ruining the tea party. Despite the ruining festivities, however, Sohinki and Lasercorn concede that video games have taught them that red barrels contain tea. Seeing another red barrel, Sohinki orders Lasercorn to go up to it and get more tea. Lasercorn reads the warning label as "DANGER: AWESOME TEA" and shoots the barrel, knocking her back several feet and shaving off some health. Sohinki orders Lasercorn to continue through the area in search of more tea, shooting every red barrel he comes across. Unsurprisingly, this eventually leads to Lasercorn's death. A frustrated Lasercorn quits because "She died of a tea overdose!"


  • Joven's attention is attracted for the second time.
  • Sohinki points out that Sherry is still alive after Jake revives her, to no avail.
  • Sohinki does the outro and expresses hope that Lasercorn will have a better performance next time.
  • Off-camera, Lasercorn now wants tea and asks if they have any jasmine.
  • While all this is happening, Sherry is assaulted by a zombie carrying a large knife. After a brief struggle, her throat is slashed.

Reasons for switching

  • Sohinki switched because Lasercorn continuously badgered him to beat a large, moth-like flying creature with a stun stick.
  • Lasercorn switched because Sohinki wanted Lasercorn to keep the camera angle upward, obscuring the view of almost everything else, leading to the character getting continuously shot.
  • Sohinki switched because Lasercorn wanted him to "gently cup [the] left pectoral muscle" of a boss, quickly leading to the character's death.
  • Lasercorn quit the game after their character "died of a tea overdose" (repeated shooting of barrels of explosive substances).


  • Jovenshire was in the background of the video while Sohinki and Lasercorn were playing.
  • A pair of boobs were edited onto Sohinki's chest at 0:49.