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May 27, 2011

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Telepoting Fat Guy, Santa Claus, Club Member, Kid learning to swear, Timmy, Timmy's Mother, Police Officer, Regis Philbin

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Not to be confused with Banned Video.

REJECTED VIDEOS! is a Smosh video uploaded on May 27, 2011.


The following clips are from videos that we never released for various reasons.

You'll see why.

Rejected Videos

Note: None of the titles of clips are official except "Ian Teaches Kids to Swear", "Poopy the Snowman" and "If Religions Were Real".

Clip #1: Teleporting Skinny Guy?

Anthony is playing on his DS when Teleporting Fat Guy appears, except this time he's skinny, much to Anthony's shock. Anthony asks how he did it, and Teleporting Fat Guy reveals he scarfs and barfs, implying bulimia. (REJECTED!)

Clip #2: Banned Pokémon Episode

Anthony is cleaning the kitchen counter and Ian comes in saying that he got a DVD of a Pokémon episode that "apparently gave a bunch of kids seizures." Anthony is hesitant at first, but Ian urges him to watch it, thinking it'll be hilarious. Twenty minutes later, Ian convulses on the floor. (REJECTED!)

Alternate Scene

Same thing except Anthony is seen watching the episode without seizures not knowing Ian has epilepsy leaving him watching the show to be with another friend.

Clip #3: Pee Fight

Ian is laying on his bed, relaxing, when Anthony suddenly declares, "pee fight!" Ian starts flailing around and screams as Anthony gives him a golden shower. (REJECTED!)

Clip #4: Dear Santa

Ian prays to Santa, apologizing about killing a hooker. The same Santa from WORST TWIST ENDINGS EVER! appears, saying "It's alright, dawg. S**t happens." Ian asks him if he's still getting a good present. Santa asks if he has the naked pictures, confusing Ian, but quickly changes it to milk and cookies, in which Ian reluctanty answers yes. Ian then says "peace, player." Santa shakes his head in disgust stating: "White people". (REJECTED!)

Clip #5: If Religions Were Real

While watching some sort of religious documentary, Anthony asks Ian how stupid religions would be if they were actually realistic. (REJECTED!)

Clip #6: Biggest Stick Contest

Anthony is standing in front of the door waiting for Ian. He claims that he is going to win the Biggest Stick Contest. Ian says from behind the door, "We'll see about that!" and comes out with a large, exposed penis, much to Anthony's disgust and horror. Ian says, "I told you I'd win the Biggest d**k contest!" Anthony corrects Ian by saying that he meant Biggest Stick Contest. A disappointed Ian turns around, disgusting Anthony more as his penis brushes against Anthony's pants. (Rejected...)

Clip #7: Ian in the Bathtub

Ian is playing with his Thomas The Tank Engine toy in the bathtub, and he asks the toy if he wants to invite "the brave little toaster." Ian grabs a nearby plugged in toaster, puts it in the bathtub and electrocutes himself. The image freezes at the last second, his monument then claims Ian "never really understood electricity." (REJECTED!)

Clip #8: The Crazy Quilting Club

Ian, Anthony and a black man are discussing the name for their quilting club, so Ian tells them the name he came up with, the "Krazy Kwilting Klub." Ian says that he used all Ks because he thought it was "kinda cute". However, since the name abbreviates to KKK, the black man leaves, leaving Ian and Anthony confused. Anthony shows off "a scary ghost costume" which resembles a KKK uniform. This is a reference to the Ku Klux Klan, which makes the narrator yell, "THAT'S RACIST!" instead of "REJECTED!"

Clip #9: Ian Teaches Kids to Swear

Ian grows frustrated when trying to teach a boy to say a word that "rhymes with duck, but starts with an F." The boy answers "Fuh-duck?" and Ian grows even more frustrated and threatens to punch the kid. (REJECTE-E-E-ED!)

Alternate Scene

Same thing except Ian told the boy that he was correct.

Clip #10: Limited Vocabulary Timmy

A police officer (Anthony) is talking to a mother, who says her son has a disorder causing him to have a very limited vocabulary. She asks her son Timmy (Ian) where Wendy was, since he was the last person to see her. However, Timmy only says the word "balls." She tries asking him again, this time telling him to concentrate, but only to have Timmy say "balls" again. Disappointed, the police officer asks what happened to him and the mother reveals Timmy was molested by a gang of balls. The police officer turns around, removing his glasses in shock - stating that it was "the second time this week". (REJECTED!)

Clip #11: Poopy the Snowman

Ian and Anthony are covered in poop, complaining that Poopy the Snowman had melted. Ian kicks Poopy's remains in disappointment. (REJECTED!!)

Deleted Clip: The Guy Who Explains Every Joke

Ian, Anthony, and a random dude are laughing together, when Anthony asks, "What did the duck say when she bought lipstick?" When asked the answer, Anthony replies, "Put it on my bill." The three have a laugh, until Ian (as the guy who explains every joke) starts to explain the punchline. As he explains, everyone gets annoyed, but Ian doesn't stop. Anthony grows frustrated and shoots Ian.


Anthony says that they never made those videos and Ian made them all up. However, Ian smirks at Anthony deviously, asking, "Did I?" Anthony looks at himself and finds out he's covered in feces, frightening him (RE... REGIS PHILBIN!!!!)





  • The banned Pokemon episode that Ian watched was a real episode titled "Dennō Senshi Porygon" (translating to "Electric Soldier Porygon"), which is infamous for hospitalizing 685 Japanese children suffering seizures.
  • The guy who played Teleporting Fat Guy in the first rejected video is Hugh Jasshol without the glasses.
  • In the pee fight scene, before Anthony opens the door, a Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together poster can be seen.

Subscription Ending

"Please click the Subscribe Button! No, you're not... you're not going to click it? Oh, okay. REJECTED!"

Shut Up! Opening

"Wh... why is it so quiet? SHUT UP!"


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