Rejected Twilight Zone Episodes


February 17, 2012 (Smosh and Smosh France)
February 19, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Rod Serling (Anthony), Ian, Anthony

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REJECTED TWILIGHT ZONE EPISODES! is a Smosh video uploaded on February 17, 2012.


The Twilight Zone is known for giving us a visual of a world where things are not as they seem to be. But some stories from the Twilight Zone were better off unaired.



"Over the years, the Twilight Zone has given you glimpses of a strange alternate universe in which things are not as they seem. But some of those stories of the Twilight Zone never made it on the air. This is "The Twilight Zone Rejects".

- Rod Serling (Anthony)

Men Have Boobs

Anthony is talking with a female coworker who is staring at his breasts. Anthony realizes this and gets upset. He says, "MY EYES ARE UP HERE!" and angrily leaves, but not before he calls her a pig.

Moles Can Talk

Ian kneels down to propose to his girlfriend. However, his mole tells her that the ring doesn't have a real diamond in it and that Ian reads the Twilight Saga. Ian yells, "Quit cockblocking me, mole!"

Last Person Alive is a Sex Addict

Ian looks around to find anyone he can have sex with. Frustrated, he then improvises by humping inanimate objects. He humps a tree, the ground, a lamp, Anthony's Pikachu pillow, his car, a soccer goal post, and a chair. However, he gasps when he realizes that there is a girl sitting on that chair.

Girl Can Only Speak Lady Gaga Lyrics

Anthony is looking at a picture of a cat on his phone when a girl comes up to him and says, "Alejandro, I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." Anthony becomes disturbed, and the girl continues to say that she wants his "disease." He starts to ask how she knows about it, but the girl says, "I'll follow you until you love me!" Anthony, disgusted, leaves, leaving the girl sad, and saying that she is "caught in a bad romance."

A World Where Clothes Don't Fit

A woman is trying on a bikini, but complains that she can never get anything to fit her and starts to jump, upset. To the side, Ian and Anthony (also wearing clothes that are too small) are taking pictures of the girl bouncing. Ian says, "This is gonna make a great thumbnail."

A Man Who Doesn't Understand Idioms

Ian claims that Big Bad Beetleborgs was better than Power Rangers, so Anthony argues, "You bite your tongue!" Ian looks confused for a few seconds, but bites his tongue, causing it to bleed while he screams in pain.

Humans Walk On All-Fours

Everyone is walking on all-fours. Ian asks Anthony if he has the time, but as Anthony checks his watch, a guy behind him accidentally bumps his face into Anthony's butt, with the accompanying words, "HUMAN CENTIPEDE!"

A Man Can Only Hear Dubstep

The ginger (portrayed by Anthony) is freaking out because he can only hear dubstep all around him. He then gets out a gun and shoots himself in the head.

A Man Gets the Midas Touch

Anthony and a girl are excited that everything he touches turns to gold, and high-5, only for her to be turned to gold as well. Anthony is initially upset, but then gets over it when he starts undoing his pants to masturbate. However, he screams as he turns his penis into gold.

The Last Two Men on Earth

In a post-apocalyptic world, Ian and Anthony are the last two men on Earth. Anthony suggests that they "repopulate." Ian and Anthony stare at each other lustfully as if they are going to make love as Ian touches Anthony's chest. NOT!

Pokemon Take Over

Mankey has challenged Charizard to a battle. Charizard sends out Anthony, who starts jumping around while saying "Anthony!"

A World Without Facebook

Anthony tells Ian that there's more "free time to be productive." Anthony tells Ian that he solved world hunger and the energy crisis. Ian says that he found a cure for cancer and AIDS. Ian and Anthony cheer about being productive and then high five. BEING PRODUCTIVE IS FOR LOSERS! (Add us at

Deleted Scene

Anthony tells Ian that he doesn't know or care about the girl he liked in high school that wouldn't go out with him. Ian says that he doesn't have about his ex girlfriend; he just hopes she's happy. Anthony says that life is so great and then they high five each other.




  • This is the first Smosh video dubbed in Spanish for the El Smosh channel.
  • The hot girl in the thumbnail for more views is referenced again, the first time being in 3D is AWESOME!
  • Since the Twilight Zone aired from 1959-1964, the video contains a large amount of anachronisms: the Twilight Saga, Pokemon, Lady Gaga, Big Bad Beetleborgs, Power Rangers, Human Centipede, and Facebook all never existed during this time.
  • The Twilight Zone was filmed and originally shown on televison in black and white, but for this video's purpose, they put "Presented in Technicolor" in the bottom right corner of the screen to let the viewers know that Smosh acknowledges this fact.
    • Another reference to the "Presented in Technicolor" above, it says "Technocolor" instead of "Technicolor".
  • During the "A World Where Clothes Don't Fit" segment, Ian is wearing a too-small Legend Of Smosh shirt, and a sign near Anthony says "Shoes half off."
  • This is the 2nd Smosh appearance of Mankey since POKEMON IN REAL LIFE 2! and every episode of Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • When lan is on the bed (trying to) hump a Pikachu doll, the hands on the Pikachu are flailing uncontrollably.
    • Also, when Ian is on the bed humping a Pikachu, it's Anthony's bed, not his.
  • During the "Man Can Only Hear Dubstep" scene, a Predator is in the mirror on his iPhone before the man is about to shoot himself.
  • In Pokemon Black 2 & White 2, there is a location called PokeStar Studios, one of the movie series are the TimeGate Traveler series; in episodes 2-3, the protagonist travels to the future where Pokemon take over.
  • During the "Girl Can Only Speak Lady Gaga Lyrics" skit, a suited figure can be seen standing behind the girl, many fans have speculated this to be "Slenderman". However, it is just a Barrack Obama Cut Out as revealed in the Extras.
  • In the "A World Where Clothes Don`t Fit" segment, as Ian says "This is gonna make a great thumbnail." In the thumbnail of the video is a photo of the girl from this segment.

Subscription Ending

"Thanks for subscribing! Di-Did anyone else come to the video because of that thumbnail? Cause I-Cause I totally didn't. At all."

Shut Up! Opening

"The Twilight Zone sucked! It didn't have any color-SHUT UP!"



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