Real Voodoo Doll!


November 11, 2011 (Smosh)
November 7, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Ian Hecox

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"REAL VOODOO DOLL!" is a Smosh video, uploaded on November 11, 2011.


The episode starts with Ian in the bathroom struggling to put on a tie for a job interview he was to attend.

Anthony starts shouting and is seen holding an nes controller in his hands and is playing Super Mario Bros.

Anthony tries to get past a turtle on a cloud and cannot get past him, because spiked ball-like creatures kept killing Mario (On screen/Controlled by Anthony)

Ian walks in and asks Anthony to shut up. Anthony tries and tries to get past the turtle on a cloud, but keeps failing.

The "Game-Over" screen appears and Ian jokes by saying "Wow, Dude. You really suck at this game"

Anthony groans and drops the controller in his chair. Ian tells Anthony he was just kidding and picks up the controller ready to play.

Meanwhile outside, Anthony has a thought-bubble of Ian and says..


Anthony gets frustrated and starts to holler "SHUT UP, IAN!!"

Anthony vowes his revenge by saying..

"I swear by my eternal love for Princess Peach.. I'll make you pay for what you've done!!"

Suddenly, a doll appears from nowhere out of the sky. Anthony looks up and says "Whoa"

Anthony picks up the doll and noticed it looked exactly like.. Ian!

Anthony waves the Ian doll's hand to make it look like it was punching it's own head.

Ian was still playing the game and started to punch himself and for no reason, yells out "BALLS!"

Anthony continues waving the Ian doll's hand and Ian kept punching himself in the head.

Finally, Anthony hides the doll behind him and walks inside to find Ian putting his hand over his eye.

Anthony asks if Ian is okay, but Ian replies by saying.. "Yeah man, I just had some kind of weird muscle spasm and punched myself in the head a bunch of times"

Anthony begins to realize the Ian doll he was holding was actually a voodoo doll!

Anthony (Holding the doll behind his back) punches the Ian doll's stomach and Ian begins to shout "BALLS!" again.

Anthony asks why Ian was shouting "Balls"

Ian explained that he screams the word when he feels pain.

Anthony replies "Good To Know..."

Ian looks up at him to see what he really meant to say

Anthony smiles and says "Good luck with your interview" and snickers in a evil tone quietly.

At the interview, the employer tells Ian there was something that he liked about him. Ian tries to explain about why he would like to be a substitute teacher.

Meanwhile at home, Anthony grabs a hammer and hits the Ian doll directly at the center. And Ian ends up screaming "BALLS!"

The employer gives Ian an awkward look and Ian didn't know how that happened.

Anthony laughs evilly and Ian begins to talk about being a sub-teacher.

Ian tries to finish his sentence, but then Anthony grabs a screw-driver and stabs the Ian doll with it. Causing Ian to shout "BALLS!" once again in-front of the Employer.

Anthony laughs evilly and grabs a pair of scissors and stabs the Ian doll once again with it. Making Ian shout "BALLS!" for the 3rd time.

The Employer says that maybe Ian should come back at a different time and then Ian starts moving around like a silly person out of control. Ian starts making silly movements and shaking his butt.

Anthony spins the doll causing Ian to do the same thing.

Then, Anthony uses a pair of tweezers to make it look like the Ian doll was dancing out of control, making Ian do it as well.

Anthony puts the doll down and uses it's legs to move them back and forth, Ian ended up doing the same movement on the Employer's desk and sarcastically replies "OH MY GOD! I'M SO SORRY! I'M SO SORRY! OOH! BALLS!"

Anthony suddenly gets bored and puts the Ian doll on the table.

Anthony walks outside and looks up "Hey! do you think I can get a voodoo doll of myself?!"

Just then, a doll appears and lands in front of Anthony's feet.

Anthony picks up the Anthony doll and walks inside.

Ian walks inside the house and looked lazy.

He told Anthony that he got the job because of his energy.

Anthony is in his room holding the Anthony doll and gently touching and rubbing it's center-part. Making Anthony feel calm and relaxed.

Ian barges in and catches Anthony holding the Anthony doll.

Ian exclaims "Dude! Why are you playing with that little kids doll?!"

Anthony picks up the Ian doll and puts 2 of his fingers over the doll's eyes. Explaining it was a voodoo doll.

Ian says "Anthony! I can't see!"

Anthony let's go of the dolls eyes and Ian can see now.

Ian finally groans "Aw! Dude?! We're you fondling yourself over some voodoo doll?!"

Anthony says he was just curious and it was like someone else was doing it. Like when Ian sat on his hand for a really long time, to which Ian doesn't want to talk about.

Ian tries to see if the voodoo dolls really work, but ends up touching the Ian doll's eye instead of the Anthony doll.

Causing Ian to shout "BALLS!" for the last time and puts his hand over his eye.

But then, Ian picks up the Anthony doll and punches it. Anthony yells "God! Dude! What was that for?!"

Ian shouts "You were trying to sabotage my job interview!"

Both of them end up using the dolls to fight each-other.

Finally, Ian grabs a knife while Anthony grabs a gun.

Ian says that he doesn't want to kill Anthony to which Anthony agrees to.

They both give up and decided to get rid of the dolls once and for all.

Anthony makes a suggestion "What if we tried trading these for a voodoo doll of someone else?"

Ian asks who gave Anthony the dolls.

Outside, Anthony points up and responds "HIM"

The mysterious force turns out to be the turtle shell cloud from the game.

Ian asks if he can trade the voodoo dolls for a voodoo doll of Ke$ha

Ian eagerly begs, begs, and begs, but the turtle cloud ends up throwing a spiked-ball at Ian causing Ian to scream "BAAAAAAAALLS!" for the final time

The Game-Over screen appears once again.


  • The voodoo dolls were actually Ian and Anthony dolls that they got in an episode of "Mailtime with Smosh," specifically "ASH KETCHUM IN OUR MAIL."
  • When Anthony walks into the house, a Predator with a picture of Lou Ferrigno is seen in the reflection of the fireplace.
  • In the office, when Ian is seen talking to the person who's interviewing him, "BaLLs!" is written in magnets on the white board behind him.
  • At 02:08, Ian's tie is behind the interviewer's family photo, but then at 02:11 the tie is covering the photo.
  • Although Anthony is shown using an NES controller to play Super Mario Bros., the game footage was obtained from a Virtual Console copy of the game for the Nintendo Wii.
  • When Anthony picks up the Ian Voodoo doll, his butt crack is seen for a split second.
  • The same scene above, Anthony spits a little when he says: "SHUT UP, IAN!"
  • When Ian & Anthony were Voodooing each other, On Anthony's desk is a WALL-E Figure holding a yellow pair of scissors, it was seen again in 7YR OLD DOES TWILIGHT!
  • When Ian is on the interviewer's desk, and he's saying: "OH, GOD I'M SORRY" he's wearing no shoes.
  • When the Game Over screen appears on the TV, you can see a reflection of Anthony, Ian and the camera filming this scene.
  • In another episode of Ian is Bored's Mailtime with Smosh, Ian and Anthony got "Limited Edition Voodoo Dolls" in a sealed package, but in the style of their "Smosh True Stories" Cartoon Looks. In yet another episode, Anthony got an Ian voodoo doll, and used pins on it to hurt Ian.
  • The interviewer's wife seen on the photo when the interviewer talks to Ian (1:56) is seen holding her middle finger up.
  • This video was posted on 11/11/11 (November 11, 2011).
  • In the interview, Ian is suppose to wear the tie below the collar of his shirt and wear a black or gray shirt and socks since that's more appropriate for an interview.



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