Real Death Note


January 20, 2012 (Smosh)
August 1, 2012 (El Smosh)

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Anthony Padilla, Ian Hecox, Cecil Adams, a women, two men, Peter Peter, Ian's Mom, Robber, Serial Killer, Snooki, news reporter, Hansel Thepedo

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REAL DEATH NOTE! is a Smosh video uploaded on January 20, 2012, and it is the second episode in Smosh's "REAL____" series.


Ian finds a Death Note after he wishes for something interesting to happen, and he uses it to purify the world. However, Anthony is not happy about Ian's choices.


Ian is walking in a park, bored and wishing something supernatural would happen. A strange black book entitled "Death Note" falls in front of him. He picks up and opens the book to find instructions on how to use it. The inside cover reads, "How to use it: If you write the full name of a person in this book, that person will die in 5 seconds. The cause of death will always be suffocation." At first, Ian is skeptical, but Cecil Adams, The Most Notorious Handicap Bandit West of the Mississippi, steals a woman’s purse. Ian decides to test the book by writing down Cecil’s name. After five seconds, nothing seems to happen and Ian calls it fake. However, Cecil starts to suffocate, astonishing Ian as he watches Cecil choke himself to death and crash his scooter.

Ian tells Anthony and Peter about the Death Note. Peter asks if the victims suffocate themselves, and Ian answers, "Yeah, in any way possible." Anthony argues that it is impossible to do. Peter tells Ian to prove it by writing his name in the Death Note. Ian opens the book and asks Peter for his last name. Peter answers, "Peter." At first, Ian and Anthony are confused and think he misunderstood them and said his first name instead, but Peter confirms that his full name is indeed Peter Peter because his parents were crack addicts. Five seconds after Ian writes Peter’s name, Peter says "l knew you guys were full of sh-" and he starts choking. Ian freaks out, realizing there's nothing he can do to stop it, and Peter dies.

Seeing how much power Ian now has, Anthony pleads for Ian to get rid of the book. Ian says no, that with the book, he has the power to change the world. He can rid the world of all the filth, including serial killers (Ghostface suddenly chokes while trying to kill a woman), robbers (a robber stealing money from a bank suddenly puts a bag of money on his head and suffocates himself), and the cast of Jersey Shore (Snooki starts choking with two pickles in her mouth). Ian says that he’s going to purify the world before saying, “I…AM… JUSTICE!” His eyes turn red as he starts laughing insanely. Ian’s mom comes in saying she can't hear Wheel of Fortune over his stupid laugh. Ian says she can't tell him what to do anymore, and starts to write his mom’s name in the Death Note. But after five seconds, nothing happens. Ian says it makes no sense, because he wrote down her full name. He holds up the page he wrote on, and reveals that he only wrote “MOM." His mom laughs, saying that it isn't her real name. Ian is shocked, saying that he's called her mom all his life, and never knew what her real name was. Mrs. Hecox laughs some more, saying that he'll never know it before laughing hysterically and disappearing with a smoke bomb. Ian avoids the situation by saying he has “work to do.”

Two months later, Ian and Anthony are sitting at the Hard Rock Coffee shop when they see a news report saying that every criminal in the world is now dead. Anthony congratulates Ian, but Ian says that it’s not enough. He tells Anthony that a guy named Hansel Thepedo was looking at him funny. Anthony says that he looks normal, but Ian writes down Hansel’s name in the Death Note, killing him. Anthony says that he didn’t do anything wrong, but Ian says that he had a “Pedostache.”

Hansel Thepedo

Anthony tells Ian he can't play God anymore, and a white book called the "Life Note" falls in front of Anthony. He opens the book and finds instructions on how to use it.The inside cover reads, "How to use it: Write the name of a person who is dead, and they will be brought back to life." Anthony gets out a pen and writes down Hansel’s name, resurrecting him. Ian and Anthony start to repeatedly write down Hansel’s name on their respective books, killing and resurrecting Hansel over and over again. Finally, Ian writes Anthony’s name on the Death Note. Anthony retaliates by writing Ian’s name on the Life Note. At first, Ian is confused, but then removes the cover of his Death Note, revealing that he has actually written Anthony's name in the Life Note. Anthony reveals the Death Note behind the Life Note cover, and Ian chokes to death. Anthony laughs psychotically before a message shows, “Books are dangerous. Play more video games.”




  • During the news report, if one looks at the marquee at the bottom of the TV, two other news reports read, "Police officers are being told to turn in their badges and just start going door to door and stripping for the highest bidder." and "The Pope will be eating his hat later this evening, proving that he is a..."
  • Cecil Adams' name probably comes from the character with the same name from the Saw movies
  • When Ian writes down Hansel Thepedo's name, other names on the Death Note are Sarah Palin, Satan, My Neighbor, Bernie Madoff and Voldemort.
  • If Anthony did the switcheroo trick on the books, it would have been before they were in the restaurant, because he could not change it in front of lan's face while they were writing, as Anthony had recieved the Life Note at the resturaunt.
  • Ian is wearing a plastic SpongeBob SquarePants watch from a 2009 Burger King Promotion.
  • In this episode, we find out that Peter apparently survived being run over by a car. It is also revealed that his parents were crack addicts and his real full name is "Peter Peter "
  • "Hard Rock Coffee" is a parody of Hard Rock Cafe.
  • This video is a parody of the anime and manga Death note
  • Hansel Thepedo has a very similar appearance to Sochiro Yagami from Death Note, but also resembles the Mexican political Gabriel Quadri.
  • Hansel Thepedo is supposed to look/sound like "Hansel the Pedo", who can get his name from his pedostache
  • Anthony's laugh at the end of the video is very similar to Light Yagami's laugh at the end of the Death Note anime when eveyone finds out he's Kira. It is also similar to Anthony's evil laugh from the end of Food Battle 2011, which was borrowed from the aforementioned Death Note anime.
  • If one looks at the original Death Note series, they will find that the rules given to the book in the Smosh video are completely different than that of the original series. The original rules are as follows:
    • The human whose name is written in this notebook shall die.
    • The notebook will not take effect unless the writer has the subject's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected.
    • If the cause of death is written within forty seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen.
    • If the cause of death is not specified, the person will simply die of a heart attack.
    • After writing the cause of death, the details of the death should be written in the next six minutes and forty seconds.
      • Many other rules are revealed as the story develops.
  • The music played in the "SHUT UP!" intro is L's theme in another key from the original Death Note anime.

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