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August 4, 2007

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Quest for the Scooter is a Smosh video uploaded on August 4, 2007.

Brief Synopsis: Anthony and Ian compete with each other to get a scooter for the race.


Ian and Anthony are looking for an article in a magazine. Anthony tells Ian that he can't find it, but Ian says that the article was there yesterday, so it's gotta be in there. Anthony asks Ian what the article was called, and Ian reminds him, "Man Loses Testicles in Escalator Accident." But instead of finding the article, they find an ad for a scooter race. Ian asks when it is, and Anthony reads the magazine, "The fourth annual Carmichael scooter race will be held in...three days?" Ian asks, "How are we gonna get a scooter that fast?" Anthony then tells him about a man who sells scooters from his garage.

At the man's house, Ian and Anthony stand in front of the garage and wait for it to open. When the garage opens completey, a pink Barbie scooter is revealed. Anthony asks, "There's only one? But it's PERFECT!" The owner of the scooter tells them that it only costs $15, but Ian overreacts, saying, "$15? How are we gonna raise that kind of money in three days?" Anthony tells him, "You better start looking for a scooter, because I'm gonna raise the money and buy that one for myself." He then runs off, leaving Ian and the man alone. The old man tells Ian that he can make $15 by doing a job for him that involves latex gloves and a tub of butter. Ian accepts the job happily.

Ian and the man are sitting at a table, with Ian wearing latex gloves and rubbing butter somewhere unseen on the man. The man tells Ian to, "Spread it on there real good." The camera then zooms out to reveal that Ian is actually spreading butter on the man's toast. He asks, "Is this seriously how you put butter on your bread?" The old man then says that he like's his toast handmade.

Anthony knocks on a guy's door. He opens it and asks what Anthony wants. Anthony asks, "Hi, I was wondering if I could mow your lawn?" The guy says yes, and asks Anthony how much it will cost. Anthony says, "fifteen bucks," and the guy tells him to knock on the door when he's done. As Anthony is mowing his lawn, the bag becomes full with grass, so he takes it out to dump into the "Green Waste" trash bin. However, he sees a severed arm in the bin, and gasps. As he is backing up, he bumps into the guy, and screams.

Ian is playing "horsey" with the old man at back at his house. When he collapses, he asks for the money the old man is supposed to give him. The old man replies, "You'll get your precious money after you do one last thing for me." He then laughs evilly.

Anthony has set up a lemonade stand, and is selling lemonade by the side of the road. A man sees this, and buys a drink from Anthony. He spits it out and Anthony asks what's wrong, but the man tells him he was joking and that the lemonade actually tastes great. He asks what Anthony put in it, and Anthony shows him the ingredients on the table: sugar, lemons, and rat poison. The man falls to the ground, and Anthony steals his wallet.

Ian is in a tree, reaching for a stuffed cat. The old man is at the bottom of the tree telling him to hurry up. Ian asks why he has to rescue a stuffed animal, but the old man just threatens to not give him $15. Ian's arm is too short, so he grabs a branch and uses it to smack the cat out of the tree. The man gives him the promised $15, and Ian thanks him and runs off. Ian and Anthony race to the old man's house, but Anthony encounters many obstacles along the way, such as a trash can, a lawn mower, a chair, and an inflatable seahorse, which was seen in Three Wishes. They both arrive at the man's house, but the scooter is nowhere to be seen. They turn around to see another guy with the scooter. Ian asks, "What do you think you're doing with that scooter, Ken?" Ken responds, "Oh, I just bought this for my little sister. She's in the hospital, so I thought she could use some cheering up." Ian and Anthony both push Ken over and rush to the scooter. After they fight over who should get to ride it, Ian tells Anthony to stop. He says, "What are we doing? This scooter race is tearing us apart." Anthony agrees, saying, "Yeah, forget this race. Our friendship is more important." Ian then asks what they are going to do about the scooter, and the two look up into the sky. Later, they ride the scooter down the street, together.


  • The severed arm that Anthony saw in the Green Waste bin was also used in Handshake.
  • In this video the old man is played by Brian "Ryan Ras" Rasmussen who plays That Damn Neighbor and Brian in Banned Video.
  • When the old man says "Put it on there real good" was referenced by Anthony in an episode of Lunchtime with Smosh.
  • When the old man gives Ian the money, you can see that he gets the money from the cats butt.

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