Punch That Face
Punch That Face
Game information
Developer GeeksandDorks
Genre Action
Platforms Xbox Live
Release Date September 6, 2012
Episodes 1 total; in Super Mari Fun Time
Smosh Games Game Guide
Super Mari Fun
Prev: Nyan Cat Adventure
"What would I rate this? I would freakin' rate it two out of five uppercuts! Why? Because I can't freakin' get through level three!"

—An annoyed Mari's opinion on Punch That Face

Punch That Face is an action game played by Mari Takahashi on Super Mari Fun Time on Smosh Games.


Punch That Face is an action game developed by GeeksandDorks for Xbox Live. In it, the player mashes the A button to repeatedly punch a character in the face, filling up a bar as they damage each victim's face. There are multiple stages, each with a different, tougher victim. Punch That Face was released on September 6, 2012.


Super Mario Fun Time


  • This is the only game in NYAN CAT TAKES OVER that Mari ragequit, due to her being unable to beat Stage 3 as her arm was hurting from button-mashing.

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