Princess Epona is a character from 16-Bit High School. She is the daughter of Princess Zelda and Link. She is named after Link's horse that first appeared in Ocarina of Time.  

She is voiced by Haley Manici. 

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Maria and Epona


Epona is a stuck up teenager. She also seems to speak like a Valley girl. Epona always has the fairy Navi following her around, although no one seems to notice that she is ever there.


Mega Kid

Information about the relationship currently unknown


Epona and Maria seem to be very good friends.

Jimmy Spartan

Remember this example in TED-Ed about a man 100% attracted to a woman 0% attracted to him? This is the case between the two with surprising accuracy of gender AND percentage.

In other words, Jimmy has a crash on Epona who think he's a nerd.

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