Pretentious #%$holes
Nature Break 8


August 27, 2012

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Nature Break



Characters Featured:

Dr. Michael W. Hollingsworth, Bennie, Matt, Emily, Susan, Lizzy

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Pretentious #%$holes (says A**holes because the title is not allowed for the page name) is the eighth episode of the Shut Up! Cartoons series Nature Break. It was uploaded on August 27, 2012. Brief Synopsis: Dr. Hollingsworth plays the guessing g
PRETENTIOUS %$HOLES (Nature Break 8)-004:39

PRETENTIOUS %$HOLES (Nature Break 8)-0

ame when his teleprompter stops working...



Three beaver's are laying in a pond. One of them farts and the others leave.

Skit 1: Susan, Emily, and Lizzy (Llamas)

It starts off with Emily being sad. Susan asks what is wrong. Emily says a guy invited her to a party but, she doesn't know why. Susan says he likes her. Emily starts saying she doesn't like the right music, she doesn't see the right movies, she doesn't read. Susan finishes her sentence by saying the right books. Emily says she doesn't read at all. Lizzy says she has a solution. Susan starts pretending she is at a party and Lizzy is pretending she is Emily. Susan is saying what kind of things pretentious #%$holes like the new Adele abulm, the new West Anderson movie, the new Sheperd Fairy exhibit, and her new dress. All to which, Lizzy says she mostly likes the early stuff. Susan is hypnotized by how cool Lizzy is. Emily said this is gonna be the best night of her stupid life. Then, a giant ant eats them all.

Skit 2: Bennie and Matt (Anglerfish)

It starts off with Bennie rolling an old tire in. He asks Matt what he thinks. Matt responds. Bennie says he never listens to him. He has been looking on Craig's list for a coffee table. Matt said there is no US. Bennie asks when did they get like this. He is just trying to fix this place up. Matt sternly says that they are not roomates. Bennie asks what are they. What is this? What is it leading to? Matt answers we? What are we? He says they are a freak accident. All of a sudden, there is a doorbell. Bennie says those are the shower curtains he ordered from Bed, Bath, & Beyond. They are then grabbed by what appears to be an octopus.

Shut Up! Opening

"I feel like you never listen."

Sponsered By

The David and Debbie Gallaspy Foundation for Endangered Tortoises: Let's move fast so they don't have to.

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