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The ingredients of the potter pill.

The Potter Pill is a pill that is used for Harry Potter fans to not be upset about the end of the Potter Saga. It was introduced in The Harry Potter Pill, and made a cameo in I'M POSSESSED! and the thumbnail of Sleeping Pill Disaster.

The Pill


The Potter Pill is used by Harry Potter fans so they can "cure" their depression and obsession with Harry Potter. However, because the pill is poisonous, the users of the pill end up dying. Because of this, the creators of the Potter Pill forced and blackmailed the FDA to get it approved. Also, despite the pills always causing death, the advertisers say that it is not the Potter Pill's responsibility for any reported deaths.


  • Enriched Wheat Flour
  • Vitamin B6
  • Cyanide


  • Regular Pill: A basic red and white pill with a black lightning mark on it.
  • Chewables: Small pills that are look like translucent candy with a small black lightning mark on the middle. It is mostly used for kids who do not like medicine.
  • Suppository: The suppository edition is used by anally-injecting the user by inserting the pill in your butt. It is mostly used by the most hardcore of fans.


Besides dying, it is also unsafe to use the Potter Pill while using a motorized vehicle or by conjuction with arsanic.

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