Ian is Bored 71

Thumbnail featuring Anthony

"Possessed Doll in Our Mail?!" is the 71st installment of Ian is Bored.

Video Description:

In this episode, we open even MORE mail! We will survive through this round? Not likely.

Synopsis (incomplete)


Ian sings in a dramatic, staccato voice, ending with a falsetto: "Well, hello; welcome to another Mailtime With Smosh!" The camera alternatively pans between him and Anthony, who is on his phone. The title screen has a different title than the title of the video, saying instead "POSSESSED DOLL IN MY MAIL?!

Opening the mail

Ian is standing with the camera, focusing on the mail and Anthony settling on the floor, possibly feigning excitement about opening the mail. Ian then pans the camera to him and shows more excitement.

During the opening of the mail, humorous comments are given. Many gifts are shown:

  • Drawing of Anthony dressed in rainbow clothing surrounded by stick smiles
  • Handmade Pokémon figures that Ian provides sound effects for and moves so that the game is emulated.